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Homework answers / question archive / You are a staff member in a before/after school program at a local community center

You are a staff member in a before/after school program at a local community center


You are a staff member in a before/after school program at a local community center.  When working with a 5-year-old girl in the program, you discover that she has a cast on her foot and that both of her legs and arms are covered in bruises, which are in different phases of healing. The child’s parents tell you that she is sickly and is prone to illnesses and can be very demanding, but you are concerned that someone may be abusing her. When you ask the child what happened, she simply shrugs her shoulders and keeps playing with her dolls. You ask the parents what happened to the child to cause the bruises, and they indicate that she is a clumsy child and keeps falling down. You ask the mother if anyone in the family has ever been tested for osteogenesis imperfecta and Von Willebrand’s disease, which would be a medical explanation for these injuries, or if the father uses alternative medicinal practices, such as cupping. She replies no to both questions.

The Director of the Before/After School Program has an obligation to report potential child abuse to the proper authorities. Thus the Director asks you to provide a presentation on your recommendations as to whether to report the potential abuse claim. The deliverable for this assignment is this presentation.

Begin your presentation by indicating the validity of the parent’s explanation or your own suspicions and justify why they are either valid or invalid with 2-3 bullet points. Then detail the steps that you would take to investigate or assess the mother’s claim. If you found the claim to be valid, suggest a few ways to help the family avoid and reduce the child’s injuries. If the claim is not valid, then detail the steps needed in order to get assistance for the child.


1)Your presentation should include a total of 5-6 slides plus an additional slide for the bibliography.

2)Cite at last two scholarly sources to support your conclusions and recommendations.

3)Include at least two graphics (photographs, diagrams, charts, etc.) in order to support your points and enhance the overall presentation

4)Provide tracks of your recorded voice to narrate each slide.

5)In text and reference list citations should be per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

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