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Homework answers / question archive / University of South Florida - HSC 4537 Exam 2 Question1)A diverticulum is a small growth attached to a mucous membrane by a stem

University of South Florida - HSC 4537 Exam 2 Question1)A diverticulum is a small growth attached to a mucous membrane by a stem

Health Science

University of South Florida - HSC 4537

Exam 2

Question1)A diverticulum is a small growth attached to a mucous membrane by a stem.





Question 2

Which abbreviation stands for nothing by mouth? IBS





Question 3

The combining form that means liver is  .




Question 4

The liver is located primarily in the right upper quadrant.


True False


Question 5

The yellow cast to the skin that may indicate liver disease is called:


jaundice. cachexia. melena. hematochezia.


Question 6

Ascites is a parasitic infection of the intestines and colon. True




Question 7

An outpouching off the gut is called a(n): hemorrhoid.


anal fistula.





Question 8

Peristalsis is a wave-like muscular contraction that propels food through the digestive system.


True False


Question 9

A medical term that means after a meal is            .




Question 10

An emetic prevents vomiting. True




Question 11

In volvulus, the intestine twists on itself, cutting off blood flow.







Question 12

A medical term that means pertaining to the small intestine is    .




Question 13

The twisting of the colon on itself is called: intussusception.

volvulus. hemorrhoids. hiatal hernia.


Question 14

A medical term that means vomiting blood is      .




Question 15

Which of the following terms means renal pelvis inflammation? renitis



pyelitis pyelogram


Question 16

A medical term that means surgical crushing of a stone is              .


lithotripsy Lithotripsy


Question 17

Which of the following therapeutic measures is used to treat renal failure? catheterization

extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy culture and sensitivity

peritoneal dialysis



Question 18

The suffix that means stone is   .



-Lith lith Lith


Question 19

Cystoscopy is a visual examination of the kidney. True




Question 20

In homeostasis, the kidneys regulate all of following EXCEPT the: level of electrolytes.

amount of water in the body. pH

volume of blood in the body.



Question 21

A medical term that means bladder inflammation is         .







Question 22

Urinary retention is the complete suppression of urine formation by the kidneys. True




Question 23

A medical term that means condition of blood in the urine is       .




Question 24

The main function of the urinary system is to maintain the proper body pH. True




Question 25

Diuretic medication is used to treat urinary incontinence. True




Question 26

The presence of ketones in the urine may indicate:



kidney infection. anemia.

renal failure.



Question 27


Nephroptosis results in the formation of multiple cysts within the kidney tissue. True




Question 28

A medical term that means condition of no urine is          .


anuria Anuria


Question 29

Which medical term means condition of no sperm? spermatolytic

aspermia oligospermia spermatogenic


Question 30

A medical term that means pertaining to the testes is     .



Question 31

The term metrorrhagia can be used to refer to bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods.


True False


Question 32

The testes are located in the scrotum:

for proper alignment of the spermatic cord. for proper testosterone production.


for protection.


because spermatogenesis requires a lower temperature.



Question 33

A combining form that means breast is  .




Question 34

A cystocele occurs when the uterus protrudes into the urethra. True




Question 35

A congenital condition in which the urethra opens on the top side of the penis is called:


epispadias. hydrocele. cystocele. hypospadias.


Question 36

Which medical term means suture the vulva? episisectomy



episiorrhaphy episiotomy


Question 37

Tubal ligation is the common phrase for a vasectomy. True





Question 38

Uterine tissue found throughout the pelvic cavity is the hallmark of which condition? pelvic inflammatory disease



endometriosis candidiasis


Question 39

A combining form that means female is .




Question 40

The plural of ovum is ova.


True False


Question 41

The suffix that means to bear (offspring) is          .




Question 42

Which surgical procedure reverses a vasectomy? vasoplasty

orchidopexy orchidoplasty



Question 43

Which of the following statements regarding insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is NOT true? It generally develops early in life.

It is also called Type 2 diabetes mellitus. The pancreas does not produce insulin. The patient must take insulin injections.


Question 44

Panhypopituitarism is a deficiency in all the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland.


True False


Question 45

A medical term that means condition of (too) much urine is         .



Question 46

Two-hour postprandial means that the test is performed 2 hours after eating.


True False


Question 47

Tetany is nerve irritability and painful muscle cramps resulting from too much calcium in the bloodstream.






Question 48

Gynecomastia is the bulging eyeballs associated with Graves' disease.








Question 49

Which of the following terms means insufficient sodium in the blood? hypercalcemia

hyponatremia hyperkalemia hypoglycemia


Question 50

A medical term that means state of excessive thyroid (hormones) is       .




Question 51

Which of the following conditions results from hyposecretion of the thyroid gland in an adult?


myxedema ketoacidosis tetany




Question 52

A medical term that means endocrine system disease is                .




Question 53

Diabetic retinopathy affects the blood vessels of the retina in diabetic patients.


True False


Question 54

Diabetes insipidus results when there is not enough insulin secreted to control blood sugar levels. True




Question 55

Which of the following terms refers to the condition in which the body tissues contain excessive amounts of fluid?


edema exophthalmos gynecomastia hirsutism


Question 56

A medical term that means thymus inflammation is         .




Question 57

A combining form that means nerve is   .




Question 58  Syncope means dizziness. True



Question 59

Which of the following conditions is characterized by encephalopathy and organ damage and is associated with aspirin use in children?

Alzheimer's disease


Reye's syndrome Bell's palsy Parkinson's disease


Question 60

Shingles consists of painful blisters along the spinal cord. True




Question 61

Paraplegia is an abnormal sensation such as burning or tingling. True




Question 62

Which of the following terms means surgical repair of a nerve?


neuroplasty neuropexy neurorrhaphy neuropathy


Question 63

A cerebral aneurysm is a dilated and enlarged vein in the brain. True



Question 64

Which type of anesthesia is also known as a nerve block? intravenous

regional topical local


Question 65

Which of the following is an example of a neurodevelopmental disorder? dementia

anorexia nervosa encopresis

autism spectrum disorder



Question 66

A medical term that means difficult speech is     .




Question 67

Which of the following abbreviations is a pathological condition?




Question 68

The suffix that means frenzy is  .



Question 69

A subdural hematoma is bleeding within the meninges after they are torn by trauma.


True False


Question 70

Which part of the brain controls body temperature, appetite, sleep, sexual desire, and emotions?


hypothalamus cerebrum cerebellum thalamus


Question 71

Which of the following pathological conditions is due to an opaque or cloudy lens? astigmatism

cataract glaucoma strabismus


Question 72

Which of the following pathological conditions is an ear infection commonly seen in children? anacusis

otitis media otosclerosis labyrinthitis


Question 73

Photophobia is a strong sensitivity to bright light.







Question 74

A medical term that means pertaining to tears is               .




Question 75  Xerophthalmia means dry eyes.

True False


Question 76

Presbycusis refers to the loss of hearing as part of the normal aging process.


True False


Question 77

A medical term that means specialist in measuring vision is          .




Question 78

Which term means surgical repair of the eyelid?


blepharoplasty conjunctivoplasty retinoplasty lacrimoplasty


Question 79

Hyperopia means nearsighted.







Question 80

The opening to the outer ear is the: oval window

elongated window.


external auditory meatus. tympanic membrane.


Question 81

A medical term that means study of hearing is   .




Question 82

Which of the following surgical procedures means to remove the eyeball? photorefractive keratectomy

laser photocoagulation


enucleation scleral buckling


Question 83

Which of the following diagnostic procedures is used to identify corneal abrasions or ulcers? tonometry



fluorescein staining keratometry


Question 84


A medical term that means pertaining to the retina is     .



Question 85

A medical term that means unable to swallow (eat) is     .



Question 86

A medical term that means surgically create an opening into the bladder is           .


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