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Homework answers / question archive / Keith Grant-Davie: "Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents

Keith Grant-Davie: "Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents


Keith Grant-Davie: "Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents." You should produce at least 500 words in responding to these questions.1. This article covers a lot of the same territory as Laura Bolin Carroll's "Backpacks vs. Briefcases." Do a quick inventory: what does Grant-Davie repeat from Carroll? What does he add that's new?2. What does Carroll provide that Grant-Davie doesn't?3. Consider a time when you needed to address a situation that you felt was a problem--"a situation that both calls for and might be resolved by discourse." Take a few minutes to think about that, and select one instance when you attempted to resolve a problem through language. Briefly summarize the situation, and then analyze it using the three questions provide by Grant-Davie: What [was] the discourse about? Why [was] the discourse needed? and What [was] the discourse trying to accomplish?

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