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Homework answers / question archive / JE #7 Respond to the two prompts below

JE #7 Respond to the two prompts below


JE #7 Respond to the two prompts below. Each is worth 5 points and will require citing a single page/paragraph from the piece to which it refers for a total of two citations for this JE.

1) Briefly state why Coles claims that character is more important than intellect, then give an example to illustrate this point. Whether you use an example from your own experience or one from assigned readings or videos, be sure to identify your source for the example and provide a page/para citation to show which part of Coles piece it's based on.

2) Briefly describe one of the two types of "moral saint" Wolf identifies. Then, use this concept of saintliness to identify an historical figure (living or dead) or a fictional character who fits this description and explain why you think he/she represents this particular kind of saint. To avoid the need for excessive detail, make sure this real or fictional individual is well-known (or check with me if you're unsure), and stay focused on a single person or character. Again, whomever you use for your example, be sure provide a page/para citation to show which part of Coles piece your response is based on.

As always, you must use the editable JE Template provided in the "Resources" module which is also attached here. Download it and write your entry onto it without making any other changes or edits. But, before proceeding, please read or review the rubrics and all included instructions carefully and thoroughly. Then, write your response or responses, include all information requested, save the document with your name, and upload it the drop box. Do not write anything in the comments or text submission box. And, don't forget to identify the question you are responding to by writing it out completely in the space provided.

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