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Homework answers / question archive / CS 120 Part 1: Excel Exercises

CS 120 Part 1: Excel Exercises

MS Excel

CS 120

Part 1: Excel Exercises. (74 points total)

Chapter 2 Formulas and Functions (38 points)

  1. Start Excel. Download and open the file named e02c1ClassRing and save it as e02c1ClassRing_LastFirst. 1p
  2. Insert a function in cell B2 to display the current date from your system. 2p
  3. With cell B2 selected, set the width of column B to AutoFit. 2p
  4. Insert an IF function in cell E5 to calculate the total due. If the student has chosen to personalize the ring, there is an additional charge of 5% located in cell B21 that must be applied; if not, the student only pays the base price. Use appropriate relative and absolute cell references. 12p
  5. Copy the formula from cell E5 to the range E6:E11. 3p
  6. Apply Accounting number format to the range E5:E11. 2p
  7. Calculate the total in cell E12. 3p
  8. Apply Accounting number format to the cell E12. 2p
  9. Set 0.3" left and right margins and ensure the page prints on only one page. 3p
  10. Insert a footer with your name on the left side, the sheet name in the center, and the file name on the right side. 8p
  11. Save the workbook.


Chapter 3 Charts (23 points)


  1. Start Excel. Download and open the file named e03c1Arrivals and save it as e03c1Arrivals_LastFirst. 1p
  2. Insert Line sparklines in the range G4:G7, using the data for the five years in the range B4:F7. 3p
  3. Display the high and low points for the Sparklines. 1p
  4. For the range containing Sparklines, change the high point marker color to Green (under Standard Colors). 1p
  5. Select the range A4:A7 and the range F4:F7. Create a pie chart and move it to a chart sheet named Pie Chart. 6p
  6. Type 2014 Flight Arrivals as the chart title.  1p
  7. Apply the Style 12 chart style. Format the chart title with Blue font color (under Standard Colors). 3p
  8. Change the Legend Position to Top to position the legend between the chart title and the plot area. 1p
  9. Add data labels to the Best Fit position. 1p
  10. Apply 12-pt size and bold the data labels. 2p
  11. Format the Canceled data point with Dark Red fill color. Format the Late Arrival data point in Green. Explode the Late Arrival data point by 5%. 3p
  12. Save the workbook.



Chapter 4 Datasets and Tables (6 points)


  1. Open the downloaded file e04c1AutoSales and save it as e04c1AutoSales_LastFirst. 1p
  2. Freeze the first row on the Fleet Information worksheet. 1p
  3. Convert the data to a table, name the table Inventory, and apply the Table Style Medium 19. 3p
  4. Remove duplicate records. 1p
  5. Save the workbook


Chapter 5 Subtotals, PivotTables and PivotCharts (7 points)


  1. Start Excel. Open the downloaded Excel file named e05c1FineArt. Save the workbook as e05c1FineArt_LastFirst, replacing LastFirst with your own name. 1p
  2. Use the Art worksheet to create a blank PivotTable on a new worksheet named Sold Out. Name the PivotTable Average Price by Type. 3p
  3. Use the Type and Issue Price fields, enabling Excel to determine where the fields go in the PivotTable. Add the Est. Value field to the Values area. (If your PivotTable Fields do not appear go to PivotTable Tools tab and Analyze or PivotTableAnalyze tab and on the ‘show’ group click fields list.) 3p
  4. Save the workbook.

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