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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 10 pages paper on with honors directed by alek keshishian

Write a 10 pages paper on with honors directed by alek keshishian


Write a 10 pages paper on with honors directed by alek keshishian. “With Honors” presents to the viewers a dramatic and clear depiction of the realities of the world. A movie serves to demonstrate vital lessons which are indispensable and fresh in contemporary times. It dismisses the conventional notion regarding the lives and knowledge of people on the streets. As it clearly appears throughout the movie, street life is seen to be a school in its own right, a place that nurtures minds and inculcates the important components that are necessary for such an environment. Such is the knowledge that is evident in Simon. he has certainly gathered as a function of his substantially long stay on the streets. In a way, it must be understood that, if properly harnessed, such kind of knowledge can be quite beneficial and can serve as a great source of information to researchers and other learners in the study of society and human nature.

Our world requires more than common requisites in life. A mere Harvard education is not a guarantee a better life at all. Important as it is, it is still not a panacea to all the limitations that characterize life. We require more knowledge about the world and ourselves. Unfortunately, much of that information is never found in the libraries at Harvard or anywhere else in the world. It is found through experience in life shared through mutual relationships. It is found through the experiences in the streets, just as Simon seems to have gathered. It is found through relationships with idiots and intellectuals. In the movie, Monty learns a great deal from his predicament and relationship with Simon. He gets to underscore the importance of tolerance in life, which becomes integral economically to him. He changes the topic of his thesis because of his association with Simon and the subsequent transformation of his general world perception.

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