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1.Your Essay is whether "Food should be a Human Right or NOT" 


2. In the instructions, it said that you will need to get a minimum of 10 academic sources from : MacOdrum Library | Carleton University , but to be able to get any information from the books on this site you would need my ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR THIS SITE, AND IT IS = My Username: emekaosakwe

 PASSWORD: Petrcech33!


3. Also one last thing, in the "INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT" It says that when you are citing those 10 academic sources, you should cite them using "Canadian Anthropology Society Citation Style Guide" and u can get the idea from the " Canadian Anthropology Society Style Guide document" I have placed down below 


4. Minimum of 8 pages double-spaced for the main text.  This DOES NOT include the cover page, bibliography, images, and/or tables

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