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Homework answers / question archive / University of San Francisco - NURS 320 Chapter 25: Violence and Human Abuse Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1)Which of the following statements is the best explanation as to why some countries are more violent than others? Civilized societies are less violent than primitive societies

University of San Francisco - NURS 320 Chapter 25: Violence and Human Abuse Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1)Which of the following statements is the best explanation as to why some countries are more violent than others? Civilized societies are less violent than primitive societies


University of San Francisco - NURS 320

Chapter 25: Violence and Human Abuse Test Bank


1)Which of the following statements is the best explanation as to why some countries are more violent than others?

    1. Civilized societies are less violent than primitive societies.
    2. Geographical differences are the primary factor.
    3. Population differences are the main determinant—for example, having more males than females.
    4. Violence is a learned behavior controlled or allowed by social norms.



  1. Which of the following statements best explains the primary reason why violence is so high among young African-American men?
    1. Men tend to be more violent than women.
    2. They are young and thus lack maturity.
    3. Unemployment is higher in this population.

             d.   Violent tendencies are transferreId genetically along racial lines.



  1. Which of the following is the top risk factor for intimate partner homicide?
    1. There is a gun in the house.
    2. The husband has made threats against wife before.
    3. The wife has previously called 911 because of husband’s beating her.
    4. The woman’s young daughter also lives with them.



  1. Which of the following persons is most likely to be assaulted?


    1. A young man
    2. A young woman
    3. An older man
    4. An older woman



  1. Which of the following is the most likely reason for a man to rape a woman?
    1. Because the woman was asking for it
    2. For power and control
    3. Provoked by the woman’s dress and behavior
    4. Sexual pleasure and release



  1. A nurse is counseling a woman following a rape. Which of the following feelings is the woman most likely to state she felt while being raped?
    1. Confusion
    2. Satisfaction
    3. Sexual release


    1. Helplessness




  1. A nurse is concerned about the possibility of suicide in a teenage boy. Which of the following characteristics has the boy most likely displayed?
    1. He has threatened harm to his school peers.
    2. He is between the ages of 15 and 19.
    3. He is depressed and has a history of being sexually abused.
    4. He has been accused of abusing an animal.



  1. Which of the following is a common factor typically found in those who abuse others?
    1. Fear and belief that others are “out to get them”
    2. Poor self-esteem and unawareness of alternatives
    3. Previous observations of violent behaviors to manage conflict
    4. Difficulty keeping commitments



  1. A public health nurse is hosting an informational meeting for young parents about how to balance their multiple responsibilities. Which of the following parents in attendance would be most at risk for abusing his or her own child?
    1. A new mother who has joined a parents’ support group
    2. A father who is overwhelmed and exhausted by overtime work
    3. A depressed father who was laid off from work and is missing his work colleagues
    4. A mother who is missing her career challenges and friends but enjoying being home with her baby






  1. A teacher asks the school health nurse to assess a child for neglect. Which of the following assessment findings could indicate neglect?
    1. Bruises in various stages of healing
    2. Failure of parent to attend parent-teacher conferences or return teacher phone calls
    3. Lack of weight gain and wearing dirty clothes
    4. Lice in the hair



  1. Which of the following statements by a parent indicates a need for increased learning regarding appropriate (nonabusive) discipline of a child?
    1. “I have stopped using a switch on my child, and I am learning to count to 10 before reacting.”


    1. “I never spank or hit; I yell at them to stop being stupid, and if they don’t, I tell them no one is ever going to love them if they act like that.”
    2. “I use time-outs when my child acts out or is naughty. Sometimes my child doesn’t cope well with this, but I am persistent.”
    3. “When my child misbehaves, I distract him and focus his attention on other things. If he throws a tantrum, I have been known to just pick him up and leave from wherever we are.”



  1. A mother cannot understand why her daughter ran away from home. When the police locate the daughter, she complains of a severe headache, so the police take both of them to the emergency department for assessment. Which of the following potential problems should be assessed by the nurse?
    1. The daughter’s inability to do well in school
    2. Intimacy problems with the daughter’s boyfriend
    3. The mother’s abuse of the daughter over a long period of time
    4. Sexual abuse by the father


  1. The wife of an abusive husband reports to the nurse that her husband has been increasingly more abusive over the past year. Which of the following should be the first action that is taken by the nurse?
    1. Arrange for the couple to attend marital counseling.
    2. Develop a plan for the wife’s escape if the violence starts again.
    3. Teach the client how to avoid initiating her husband’s anger.
    4. Work with the client on development of self-esteem.



  1. During a group counseling session for perpetrators of intimate partner violence, which of the following statements made by a client indicates a lack of insight into his violent behavior?
    1. “I have been taking out my frustrations with work on my girlfriend.”
    2. “I love my girlfriend and didn’t want to hurt her; it was an accident.”
    3. “It might be a good idea for me to temporarily leave the house when I feel myself becoming angry.”
    4. “When I drink alcohol, I become more abusive toward my girlfriend.”



  1. Which of the following statements, made by a caregiver of an older client, should alert the nurse to assess for evidence of elder abuse?
    1. “Mom is always into something and can’t seem to stay still, so I’ve been giving her half a Valium to get her to relax so I can get some rest.”
    2. “Mom wanted to stay at her home, but we were scared for her safety, so we moved some of her personal things into our home and brought her to live with us.”
    3. “She has not been having incontinence problems since we have been taking her to the toilet every 2 to 3 haour where she is wake”
    4. “We have to feed Mom baby food now because she has trouble chewing and

swallowing regular food.”



  1. A nurse is implementing a primary prevention strategy to address abuse in the community. Which of the following actions is the nurse most likely taking?
    1. Encouraging others to interfere when they see children hit or hurt in a public place
    2. Referring caregivers to community respite centers if abuse is beginning to occur
    3. Lobbying for passage of legislation to outlaw physical punishment in schools
    4. Screening each pregnant woman privately for intimate partner abuse



  1. A nurse is working with a family to reduce the incidence of home violence. Which of the following actions by the nurse would most likely have a positive effect?
    1. Being assertive and taking control of decisions because family members cannot be expected to have this ability
    2. Focusing attention on family weaknesses that need to be fixed before healing can begin
    3. Pointing out things that victims should do differently to avoid antagonizing the abuser
    4. Soliciting ideas from the family regarding what they feel will improve their situation



  1. Which of the following best describes a principle of care that the nurse should abide by when working with abusive families?
    1. Confront the abuser and shame him into penitence and a desire to change.
    2. Demonstrate respect for all family members, including the abuser.
    3. Exclude the abuser from family meetings because the abuser is the one creating problems.
    4. Notify the abuser’s clergym and toss other who can exert pressure for change.



  1. A mother confides to the nurse that her live-in boyfriend knocked down her 2-year-old child because he was crying too much. She begs the nurse not to tell anyone because her boyfriend has agreed to take anger management classes. Which of the following actions should be taken by the nurse?
    1. Abide by the mother’s wishes because this information was provided in confidence.
    2. Arrange for counseling for the boyfriend at the earliest possible availability.
    3. Encourage the mother to take the child and find alternate housing right away.
    4. Report the incident to child protective services or other appropriate legal authority.







  1. Which of the following factors may lead to increased violence?
    1. Feelings of powerlessness
    2. Violence shown in the media
    3. Living in a crowded environment















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