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2. Sale of Hotel furniture and room amenities ASH Muscat features stunning luxury suites with views of the ocean, mountain, garden or city from a spacious balcony. Exclusive amenities include living area with sofa, king bedroom, generous work area, complimentary high-speed Internet access, and marble bath with tub and walk-in shower. Master suite features four-poster king bed with choice of king or twin beds in additional room. Sofa and king sizes beds are being imported from Thailand and incurred costs of import duties, Luxury tax, carriage cost other than the buying price of furniture. A maintenance contract for this furniture was signed with an Omani company for OMR 4000 per year and further repainting cost of OMR 5000 will incur annually. ASH Muscat on 1 January 2015, purchased new hotel furniture and room amenities at a cost of OMR 200000. For the purpose of accounting for depreciation, the company has decided the following: i. The room amenities part was OMR 50000 and this would not be depreciated. ii. The room furniture part was the remaining OMR 150000. This would be depreciated by the straight-line method to a nil residual value over 20 years. After five years of trading, on 1 January 2020 ASH Muscat decides that the company hotel furniture and room amenities are now worth OMR 300000, divided into: hotel furniture OMR 150000 and room amenities OMR 150000. The company estimates that the hotel furniture still has a further 20 years of useful life remaining.
ASH Muscat is planning to sell a part of hotel furniture for OMR 3000 on 1st January 2021. The costs of hotel furniture were OMR 15000 and depreciated 5 years out of 20 years. Question 2 a) Differentiate capital expenditures from revenue expenditures and give case related examples from the above discussion. b) Calculate the annual charge for depreciation for the first five years of the hotel furniture's life and prepare extracts of statement of financial position of hotel furniture and room amenities as at the end of each of the first five years. c) Demonstrate the impact the revaluation will have on the depreciation charge and the statement of financial position value of the hotel furniture and room amenities. d) What was the profit or loss on planned disposal assuming that the ASH Muscat uses the straight line method for depreciation? Prepare 'hotel furniture disposal account for the year 2021.

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