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Answer all questions in your own words

Computer Science

Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The assignment must be your own work only.

2.1. Question 1

Unit 1 focused on various leadership roles and their respective responsibilities in implementing an effective cybersecurity governance plan. Consider the leadership roles in your chosen organization and their responsibilities in implementing the organization’s cybersecurity strategy:

  • Drawing on your learnings from this module, explain the organization’s governing structure, and its approach to cybersecurity (as detailed in its policies and, where possible, observed in practice).
  • Based on your substantiation above, recommend changes that should be implemented and, if applicable, propose a new cybersecurity leadership plan that addresses its shortcomings.

                                                                                              (Write approximately 400 words)

2.2. Question 2

Unit 2 of this module described the management processes organizations should consider when developing a cybersecurity governance plan. Identify the steps your organization is taking to implement the management processes discussed in the Unit 2 notes, and address the following:

  • Evaluate whether the management processes utilized by your organization are sufficient to ensure good cybersecurity governance; and
  • Based on your substantiation above, recommend management processes for implementing a cybersecurity governance plan.
  • (Write approximately 400 words)


2.3. Question 3

Unit 3 focuses on the importance of keeping an organization’s cybersecurity awareness updated. To do so, the notes described the types of security awareness training that are available and the topics that should ideally be included in training programs. In your answer, address the following:

  • If relevant, identify any cybersecurity awareness programs or practices utilized by your organization, and evaluate whether they sufficiently cover the recommended topics mentioned in the Unit 3 notes.  
  • Based on your substantiation above, provide an outline of a cybersecurity awareness program you would suggest for your chosen organization or Sony.

Your outline of the training program should cover the following four aspects:

  1. The type of security awareness training (classroom or online);
  2. The topics included in the training program;
  3. The target audience; and
  4. The roles and responsibilities of those responsible for executing the training program.

Each aspect should be accompanied by reasons for your choices based on the organization’s context and needs.

                                                                                                     (Write approximately 400 words)


Understanding the cyber risk of misaligned leadership (Make 2 different write up on this and each write up must not be more than 200 word.) 

Yahoo! has been the target of numerous hacks over the years. According to an article by Business Insider, much of Yahoo!’s vulnerability lies in a critical misalignment between the organization’s leadership and cybersecurity governance strategy.   

Keeping the Unit 1 interview with Heather Adkins in mind, discuss how Yahoo! might have realigned its leadership and governance structure to mitigate the hack that occurred in 2014. 

Also provide examples of other organizations whose leadership and governance structures either hindered their ability to respond to a hack or that aided them in successfully responding to a hack in a timely manner

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