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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Nurse immediately reports to therapist and staff

1)Nurse immediately reports to therapist and staff


1)Nurse immediately reports to therapist and staff. Therapist  immediately calls client’s supervisor. What were their actions?

2) What nursing assessment is the priority focus for a client with  major depression?

3)Which action is most important for the nurse to implement  during the initial interview for a client who is admitted to the  mental health unit?

4) GAD taking Xanax. The client will?

5)Female heart attack 4 years ago. Use of which medication high risk for  MI?

6)One-to-one session. Admitted for chronic depression. Recognize which defense mechanism? –

7) Woman fear of open places and crows.  Nursing diagnosis?

8) A female client with OCD admitted for cardiac catheterization. What  action should the nurse  implement?

9) Client on Zyprexa. What to assess


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