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In?Class Exercise No

Civil Engineering

In?Class Exercise No. 3 – Travel Resistance and Travel Time   


  • Discuss the earthwork problem among your in?class breakout group to begin formulating a solution to answer the questions.  
  • Individually upload your worked solution into Canvas, in PDF format, by Friday (3/12) at 11:59

PM.  Excel may be used as a tool, but an Excel file will not be received for grade.

  • Use the CEE 4074 computation worksheet (Canvas/Files/Spring 2021 Content/Resources), or scanned engineering paper, to show your derived solution.  Show all work in a neat and organized format, and highlight your answers.



Your firm is planning to submit a bid on an upcoming large earthwork project.  You’ve been asked to analyze haul equipment capability and performance.  The proposed haul route has the profile shown in the image below (percentages represent slope angles).



The return route will follow the haul route (in the opposite direction).

Assume that the dump truck will be loaded to its gross vehicle weight, and will have a loading fixed cycle time of 1.0 minutes and a dumping fixed cycle time of 0.7 minutes.  Based on review of the project supplemental information (i.e., geotechnical report), the CAT 730C2 articulated dump truck is likely to experience 2 inches of tire penetration operating on the job underfoot conditions, except for the 800 ft segment where penetration is expected to be 1 inch.

The manufacturer’s specifications and performance charts for the proposed articulated dump truck are appended to the PDF.

Estimate the total cycle time (in minutes) for a Caterpillar 730C2 articulated dump truck operating on the proposed candidate haul?return route.  

Suggestion: Set up separate tables for your haul (loaded) and return (unloaded) route to organize your trip segments information. 

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