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Homework answers / question archive / TEST One COMP212 – Section 1 Winter 2021 This is an open-book test, and you can use any resources (e

TEST One COMP212 – Section 1 Winter 2021 This is an open-book test, and you can use any resources (e

Computer Science


COMP212 – Section 1

Winter 2021

This is an open-book test, and you can use any resources (e.g., lecture notes, examples, your assignments, etc.) that you feel helpful. However you are not allowed to communicate with anyone else during the test. Please bear in mind that you are responsible for securing your own code. You will be penalized if another person has your code, or similar with your code.

Instructions: Be sure to read the following general instructions carefully:

  • This test must be completed individually by all students
  • Save your program periodically, just in case your system crashes
  • Submit your solution through the dropbox. You must name your submission according to the following rule: studentID(yourlastname)






Class to model data 


Load data from csv file asynchronously  

  1. Handle the first line of the csv file (2 mark)
  2. Handle all other lines correctly (2 mark)
  3. Handle each column correctly (2 marks)
  4. Handle cells with value 0 (1 mark)
  5. Use asynchronous programming (1 marks)


After your app launches

  1. all covid-19 data is listed in the DataGrid, and make sure that the DataGrid’s AutoGeneratedColumns is disabled (2 mark)
  2. all countries are listed in the ComboBox (2 mark)


Search function   

  1. Searching returns right result (1 mark)
  2. The result is displayed in the DataGrid (1 mark) 
  3. User can display all covid-19 data in the DataGrid anytime by clicking a button (1 mark)


Your initial and your company logo must be displayed at the bottom of the UI. When user clicks on your company’s icon button, your company’s home page should be opened.  


Overall (code readability, app usability, etc.)



Question [20 marks] 

As we are going through this Covid-19 pandemic, so many people, including ourselves, are tracking the COVID-19 spread. Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have assembled the data, these raw data are in excel format and can be downloaded from the Johns Hopkins GitHub repository (

If you take a close look at these raw data, you will see that many cells hold zeros. Your app must filter out those zeros while loading data. In other words, only those non-zero values should be stored in the data collection.  

You are asked to implement a WPF app to load these data (.csv) to the memory, and display data in a DataGrid.

After your application launches, the loaded data should be displayed in the DataGrid (shown in figure 1) 

                                                       Figure 1

Your app should allow user to search covid-19 data for a specific country, and searching result must be displayed in the DataGrid. The DataGrid can be used to display searching result as well as original covid-19 data, you can add a button to facilitate this functionality.   

When user clicks on the company icon, your company’s homepage should be opened. 

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