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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. the definition of globalization: labor migration and sex work Thank you in advance for the help! Researchers have further explored that globalization has influenced each sector of socio-political life and has brought both sorts of consequences negative and positive. Without a doubt with the passage of time women has got the liberty to live with freedom in the society and a large number of women have got involved in the labour market to earn money (Dick, 2010). At first place, globalization has played a role to promote gender equality and has given liberty and considerable position to women in society along with various opportunities to gain fame and money in the business world. Despite, awareness and various successful women liberty movements, inequality still exists in most societies of the world (Gardner, 2008). Moreover, it has explained that woman is considered as a natural object of sexual abuse since the beginning and the emerging trend of the international labour market, women`s involvement in the business world has given rise to sex tourism (Gardner, 2008). Sex tourism can be understood as the practice of travelling young women and small children to the foreign countries in order to involve them in sexual activities with the rich tourists, who pay them good money for a night. It is an illegal vast business that has spread in various corners of the world most specifically in the US, Cuba and some other Asian countries (Green, 2003). It has become a common practice because of the strong bond between tourism and prostitution, while globalization has worked as a catalyst to increase the rate of sex tourism and to further strengthen the sex work business across the globe.

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