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Homework answers / question archive / Scenario You have reached the end of Release One of the XYZ Business Workflow project, and your team has faced some challenges during the development process

Scenario You have reached the end of Release One of the XYZ Business Workflow project, and your team has faced some challenges during the development process


You have reached the end of Release One of the XYZ Business Workflow
project, and your team has faced some challenges during the development
One software tester and one developer from your team resigned. You
found replacements for both of them. But, the new developer had to be
trained by one of your other team members. This affected the team’s
Also, during one of your status meetings with the client stakeholders, their
product owner requested a change in a feature that was almost complete.
They were also very resistant to give any additional time for the first
release. As a result, you had to add extra hours to your development time.
To accommodate these changes, your team worked extra hours and even
some weekends to complete the project. Finally, you managed to deliver
the first release according to schedule.
Although the release goes fairly smoothly, after a few days, the customer
reports that their users are facing some issues with the software. They also
have a list of changes and two new features they would like to see in the
software before your final rollout in Release Two.
Analysis and Recommendations
Your executive team has asked you to prepare a report summarizing your
analysis of the first release of the XYZ Business Workflow software and
recommendations for how you think Release Two of the project should be
Think about the project charter, the initial project plan you created in
Project One, and the challenges the project team has faced so far. What
steps did you take to manage these challenges? In retrospect, can you
think of some other strategies you could have used during project planning
and/or risk mitigation for better results? Specifically, your report should
include the following:
1. Reflect on the project so far and provide your analysis of what went
well and what could have been better.
A. Outline what you think were the successes and failures of the
B. Identify major challenges your team faced in completing this
project and describe how you handled them.

C. List some alternate strategies you could have used during
project planning and/or during risk mitigation for better results.
2. Based on your experience with Release One, provide some
recommendations for managing the second release of the XYZ
Business Workflow software, including the methodology, change
management, and quality control strategies.
Use information from the scenario, Project One and Project Two, and make
reasonable assumptions as you complete these tasks. Be sure to explain
your assumptions.
What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Project Analysis Recommendations
Write a short paper with your analysis of the first phase of the software
development project and your recommendations for the second phase.
Your paper should be 750 to 1,250 words in length; cite any references
using the APA format.

You are in the tenth week of the XYZ Business Workflow project, and
things haven’t quite gone according to plan. At the end of the requirements
analysis phase, your team told you that:
? Feature 2 (F2) development is more complex than thought initially. It
will take at least 10 workweeks to be complete.
? Feature Customization 3 (C3) will take close to five workweeks.
? The complete system testing will take a minimum of one-and-a-half
weeks due to the complexity of the systems involved.
You made some necessary resource and schedule adjustments in your
plan and obtained stakeholder approval for the same.
However, due to delays in getting client approvals, UI design and
development took one week more than estimated, which has now pushed
all dependent tasks out by a week. Moreover, a resource availability issue
has added three days to the Feature 1 development effort.
You are scheduled to present a project status report at the end of the week
at a stakeholders’ meeting that will include the client’s representatives.
Project Status Report
Create a presentation for stakeholders describing relevant aspects of the
current project status. Your presentation must include the following: original
and current project schedule, current project status, updated risk register,
and any other relevant project information you believe the stakeholders
need to know. You can use any project management software (PMS) tool
to create and update the project schedule and status. However, remember
to choose a tool that will help you complete all parts of the project, like the
Gantt chart.
Specifically, your presentation must include the following:
1. General project information
A. Project goal and objectives
B. Team information
C. Initial schedule with milestones and end dates
2. Current project status
A. Gantt chart that shows the project’s progress and current
B. Updated risk/issues register that shows:

i. Status of risks from the project planning phase including
whether and how they have affected the project plan and
schedule so far
ii. Any issues facing the team currently and how you are
managing them
iii. Any new potential risks and proposed mitigation

3. Project summary
A. Updated milestone and end dates
B. Action items to ensure the project stays on track

What to Submit
To complete this scenario, you must submit the following:
Project Status Report
Create a presentation of 8 to 12 slides to share the project status report at
a stakeholders’ meeting. The presentation should include the basic project
information, current project status, updated risks and issues, and a project

You have been hired as a project manager for a software company, ABC Solutions.
Their business development team has received a product request from a new client,
XYZ Financial Services. They need a custom software solution to streamline some
workflows and processes that will be implemented in their offices worldwide. Your
company has developed a similar software solution, but the client requires additional
features and customization. The new software needs to be ready for a test run at two of
the offices in about six months and worldwide rollout in another three months. Your
boss, the project director, has asked you to manage this product development project.
ABC Solutions uses the traditional waterfall method for software development. The
proposed project schedule should include the following major tasks: determine the
software requirements, design, code test, system test, address issues with software, and
deliver the prototype. You have been asked to assemble a team with the skills and
expertise to perform these tasks.
Before initiating the project, you, the project director, and a software architect meet with
the IT director and product manager of XYZ Financial Services to understand their
requirements. They explain that the custom software should include three new features,
five feature customizations, and a new interface design to match the client's brand
colours and logo.
Later, you and some key team members analyse the scope and requirements to arrive
at some critical decisions and conclusions. These have been summarized in two project
documents:( Project Charter and Effort Estimates)


Project Title XYZ Business Workflow
Business Case XYZ Financial Services needs a custom software solution to streamline
workflows and processes in their offices worldwide. The new software will replace the
multiple current applications they currently use with a single comprehensive solution.
Project Purpose Develop a custom software solution based on the ABC Workflow v3.0.
Project Objectives ? Use ABC Workflow v3.0 as the framework ? Develop three new
features, customize five of the existing features, and redesign the UI to match brand
colors as specified in the Software Requirements document
Project Deliverables ? XYZ Business Workflow v1.0 ? XYZ Business Workflow v1.1
Project Personnel ? Project manager ? Software architect ? User interface (UI) designer
? UI developer ? Technical team leads ? Software developers ? Software testers
Risks ? Software compatibility ? Resource availability
Schedule Summary 09/15/xx -Release 1: XYZ Business Workflow 1.0 12/15/xx -
Release 2: XYZ Business Workflow 1.1
Measurable Success Criteria ? Release 1 is deployed successfully at two customer
locations with three new features, five customized features, and approved UI design ?
Release 2 is deployed successfully at all customer locations with all requested features
and approved UI design.
Project: XYZ Business Workflow
Expected Start Date: March 1st
Expected End Date: December 15th
Full-time resources: ? Software architect—Michael Lee ?
Technical team lead—To be decided (TBD) ?
Software developers—TBD ?

Software testers—TBD ?
UI design and development team—TBD
Part-time resources: ? Julia Smith—Product Manager (ABC Workflow v3.0) ?
Ryan Hernandez—Team Lead (ABC Workflow v3.0)

Effort Estimates:

You will need to choose and allocate resources from the following available team
members: a user interface (UI) designer, UI developers, a software architect, technical
team leads, software developers, and software testers. You will also have access to two
team members from the development team of the original software, who will act as
consultants for your team. However, these members are only available part time since
they are also busy on other projects.
Project Planning
Use the information from the scenario, including the project charter and effort estimates,
to provide a single file that includes the following components: stakeholder register, risk
register, work breakdown structure (WBS), and responsibility matrix. You can also make
reasonable assumptions to help you complete these tasks. But, be sure to explain your
assumptions. Address each of the tasks outlined below.
Stakeholder register: Identify and list the stakeholders for this project. Ensure it
includes the following details:
Their names, Their role in the project, Their influence on the project and its outcomes
Risk register: Identify and describe at least four individual project risks, including the
risks identified in the project charter. The register should include the following details for
each risk:
1. The description of the risk
2. The probability the risk may occur
3. The impact the risk can have on the project
4. The response plan if the risk occurs
5. The person responsible for handling the risk
6. The status of the risk

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): provide a WBS and Networking Diagram for the
project. It should include the major milestones and all tasks arranged in the order they
should be completed in the project. Also, be sure to indicate any dependencies between
Responsibility Assignment Matrix: provide a responsibility matrix with a responsible,
accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) chart that shows how the tasks in the
project are assigned to the respective team members. Also, include a RACI chart for all
stakeholders you identified earlier.
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