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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 8 pages paper on web bonding and physical bonding

Write a 8 pages paper on web bonding and physical bonding


Write a 8 pages paper on web bonding and physical bonding. Much of this was achieved through Web support in activism, which is just as powerful as any actual physical bonding. It is simply amazing how repressive and totalitarian governments do fall once the masses band together to achieve a common goal, a triumph of the people.

New and vast advances in communication technologies have allowed people to get in touch with others more easily, much faster and in a more dispersed way than ever before. It is the Internet (or the World Wide Web) that made this possible, and this has continued even to this day with the advent of new social media networks. People resort to the new social sites to get themselves updated on what is happening within their immediate circle of friends and a lot of family members who may be near or far away (it does not matter much anyway as new ways of getting in touch with each other such as mobile phones and social media sites have practically shrunk the geographical distance and even compressed the time element too as the people who use these technologies have access to these modes of communication 24 hours). A bond is forged among netizens (Internet citizens) just as powerfully as any physical bonding.

Any advocacy or protest movement can usually start small and quite innocent. There are many examples of mass movements that initially started out involving only a few people but soon grew big enough to be able to affect change on a large, nationwide scale. This is the pattern that can be observed as more and more people join the movement, whatever its cause is or whatever it advocates for. This had been shown in several movements in the past which eventually became successful to some extent and achieved their stated aims. Examples of the movements were the early advocacies for the right of women to vote (suffrage) which gained momentum and eventually resulted in women becoming politically enfranchised.

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