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Homework answers / question archive / HTY 110HA Immigration: The Changing Face of America Professor: W Michael Kent, M

HTY 110HA Immigration: The Changing Face of America Professor: W Michael Kent, M


HTY 110HA Immigration: The Changing Face of America Professor: W Michael Kent, M.A.


Instructions: Each student will answer the following essay and short answer questions. Since this is a take home exam. Answers will be graded based on your critical thinking skills. Understanding of the material. And ability to express said understanding. Each student will write their answers on this document, or one of their own creation, and upload the document under the midterm assignment on the class website. If a problem is encountered in uploading the document, you are allowed to email it to me.

Any document of the student's own creation should include the class name/course code, the professor's name, the title “Final,” the student's name and the specific question above each answer. Please watch your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The file name should be the student's full name and the word “Final.” Par example “MichaelKentFinal.dac*

Be sure to properly cite any sources that you use,

Failure to meet minimum word count or any form of plagiarism will result in an F on the assignment, with further academic penalties for plagiarism as per St Leo's policy. Please refer to online guides or the writing example in the courses content section for instruction on how to properly cite,

Using your textbook,

PowerPoint, and lecture notes answer the following Questions,

Essays: Should be answered in an

Essay format Introduction, body. Conclusion, etc... 300 word minimum,

1. How was Asian immigration to the United States different from that of other nations/peoples?

Were the historical factors leading to immigration from the

Asian homelands different that of other nations? Was their implementation in the US economy different than that other immigrant groups? Did these factors help or hamper the assimilation of these Asian immigrants?

Short Answers: Answers should be structured paragraphs, not random sentences. 250 word minimum.

1. The United States government, before the events of WW2, treated Japanese immigrants with a lighter touch than most other Asian groups. What in Japanese history caused the US to act in this way?

2. How does Mexico sharing a border with the United States affect its people's immigration?

What are some benefits and negatives?

3. What are the factors that lead Indian immigrants to the United States to be more wealthy, educated, and employed, per capita, when compared to other immigrant groups?



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