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Homework answers / question archive / 1) An inventory record contains part number, part name, part color, and part weight

1) An inventory record contains part number, part name, part color, and part weight


1) An inventory record contains part number, part name, part color, and part weight. These individual items are called

a. fields.

b. stored files.

c. bytes.

d. occurrences.


2. It is appropriate to use a sequential file structure when

a. records are routinely inserted.

b. single records need to be retrieved.

c. records need to be scanned using secondary keys.

d. a large portion of the file will be processed in one operation.


3. Which of the following statements is not true?

a. Indexed random files are dispersed throughout the storage device without regard for physical proximity with related records.

b. Indexed random files use disk storage space efficiently.

c. Indexed random files are efficient when processing a large portion of a file at one time.

d. Indexed random files are easy to maintain in terms of adding records.


4. Which characteristic is associated with the database approach to data management?

a. data sharing

b. multiple storage procedures

c. data redundancy

d. excessive storage costs


5. Which statement is not correct? The VSAM structure

a. is used for very large files that need both direct access and batch processing.

b. may use an overflow area for records.

c. provides an exact physical address for each record.

d. is appropriate for files that require few insertions or deletions.


6. Which statement is true about a hashing structure?

a. The same address could be calculated for two records.

b. Storage space is used efficiently.

c. Records cannot be accessed rapidly.

d. A separate index is required.


7. In a hashing structure,

a. two records can be stored at the same address.

b. pointers are used to indicate the location of all records.

c. pointers are used to indicate the location of a record with the same address as another record.

d. all locations on the disk are used for record storage.


8. Pointers can be used for all of the following except

a. to locate the subschema address of the record.

b. to locate the physical address of the record.

c. to locate the relative address of the record.

d. to locate the logical key of the record.


9. Pointers are used

a. to link records within a file.

b. to link records between files.

c. to identify records stored in overflow.

d. all of the above.



10. In a hierarchical model

a. links between related records are implicit

b. the way to access data is by following a predefined data path

c. an owner (parent) record may own just one member (child) record

d. a member (child) record may have more than one owner (parent)


11. Which term is not associated with the relational database model?

a. tuple

b. attribute

c. collision

d. relation


12. In the relational database model

a. relationships are explicit

b. the user perceives that files are linked using pointers

c. data is represented on two-dimensional tables

d. data is represented as a tree structure

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