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Homework answers / question archive / 1) What are DFS Namespace shared folders referred to in relation to the virtual folders? 2

1) What are DFS Namespace shared folders referred to in relation to the virtual folders? 2

Computer Science

1) What are DFS Namespace shared folders referred to in relation to the virtual folders?

2. What term is defined as "an ordered list of servers or targets that a client computer receives from a domain controller or namespace server when the user accesses a namespace root or a DFS folder with targets"?

3. Which of the following tasks does the Event Viewer MMC snap-in allow you to perform?

4. The Reliability Monitor provides a range of numbers to help you evaluate the reliability of a computer. What is the name of this range of numbers?

5. Which command clears the audit policy on a computer?

6. Placing a quota limit on a folder applies that limit to what part of the folder?

7. When you create quotas, you are recommended to use what built-in feature to assist you?

8. What technology did Microsoft develop to combat the storage of storage-using and potentially illegal files on corporate servers?

9.Which screening technique prevents a user from saving defined unauthorized files?

10.When storage space is at a premium, what should you do to ensure that everyone has enough space?

11. Which Windows technology is used to encrypt a USB disk device?

12. What FSRM feature can you use to show the state of file server volumes, quotas, and

disallowed rules?

13. If you want to use VPN reconnect, which VPN protocol should you use?

14. You have a single DHCP server that services the corporate offic and 25 remote sites. How do you install a DHCP relay agent on a remote site so that you can forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server?

15. In which audit group do you find the Audit Filtering Platform Connection and Audit Filtering Platform Packet Drop?

16. By default, replication groups use what type of topology to replicate to all members of the group?

17. What type of resolution model does DFS Replication use to resolve simultaneous-write conflicts?

18. Discuss the function of the reliablity monitor and resource monitor.

19. what types of event contain in security log in event viewer

20. Discuss and explain two basic encryption algorithms.


21. Purpose of data collector Sets:

22. Explain how differential compression (RDC) works?

23. How staging folder work in DFS?

24. explain the relationship between DFS replication and DFS namespace.

25. Last among targets of equal cost:

26. what happens if you have an EFS encrypted file and you copy the file to a folder that is not encrypted  and on an NTFS volume.

27. Why is BitLocker To Go an important technology to use as a standard practice?

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