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Homework answers / question archive / Knowledge Assessment Lesson 10 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 10 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Computer Science

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 10

Multiple Choice

Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions.

1) What type of attack is used to gain access to restricted network resources by impersonating authorized wireless users?

a. eavesdropping

b. data tampering

c. denial of service

d. masquerading

2.       When a wireless network broadcasts this information to potential wireless clients, it appears in the list of available networks in Windows 8.1.

a. WPA

b. WEP


d. beacon

3.       Which of the following are included in a wireless profile? Select all that apply.


b. security type

c. encryption type

d. security keys

4.       In which mode would you configure a wireless client to connect through a wireless access point (WAP)?

a. ad hoc mode

b. infrastructure mode

c. WAP mode

d. implementation mode

5.       Which Windows 8.1 feature would you use to configure a default printer for each network the computer connects to?

a. WAP

b. location-aware processing

c. location-aware printing

d. beacons

6.       You are connected to a wireless network at a local coffee shop and want to make sure the next time you are in range of the network that Windows 8.1 does not automatically connect to it. What should you do before moving out of range of the network?

a. Right-click the network and then choose Forget this network.

b. Run the netsh wlan delete profile “<profile name>” command

c. Run the netsh delete profile name=”<profile name>” command

d. Run the netsh wlan delete name=”<profile name>” command

7.       Which of the following represents the correct order that Windows 8.1 uses to prioritize networks?

a. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and then mobile broadband networks

b. Mobile, Wi-Fi and then Ethernet

c. Ethernet, mobile broadband and then Wi-Fi

d. Windows 8.1 allows you to set the priority via the Manage wireless networks option.

8.       Which command would you use to view all wireless profiles currently stored on your Windows 8.1 computer?

a[JL1] .               netsh wlan show wireless profiles

b. netsh wlan show profiles

c. netsh wlan show profiles = all

d. netsh wlan show profiles <all profiles>

9.       You are currently connected to a mobile broadband network while a Wi-Fi network is within range. Which of the following statements are true on how Windows 8.1 manages these connections in regard to priority? Select all that apply.

a. The mobile broadband network is preferred for this session only

b. The mobile broadband network is always the preferred network

c. The Wi-Fi network is preferred the next time you are within range of both networks

d. The Wi-Fi network forces the mobile broadband network to disconnect and replace it with the Wi-Fi network that is in range.

Best Answer

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

1.        You are thinking about purchasing new wireless hardware for your company. Your wireless clients need to connect to a WAP. These clients are sometimes as far away as 50 meters from the WAP but most of the time are within 35 meters. What IEEE Wireless networking standard would you recommend?

a.     IEEE 802.11a

b.     IEEE 802.11b

c.     IEEE 802.11n

d.     IEEE 802.11g

2.        You would like to setup location-aware printing on your Windows 8.1 computer. After opening Devices and Printers, you cannot find the option Manage Default Printers on the menu bar. What is the most likely reason?

a.     You do not have administrative privileges

b.     You are logged in to a Windows 8.1 Professional desktop computer

c.     You are logged in to a Windows 8.1 Enterprise desktop computer

d.     You are not logged in to a Windows 8.1 Professional/Enterprise laptop

3.        You would like to prevent wireless interference with other devices and improve battery life on your laptop. What is the best way to disable your wireless connection when it is not in use?

a.     Delete the wireless adapters from the Network Connections dialog box

b.     Right-click the wireless network and choose Forget this network.

c.     Right-click the wireless network adapter and choose Disable.

d.     Turn off your laptop when not connecting to the wireless network.

4.        Your network consists of both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 desktops and laptops. All of the computers are configured to connect to a WAP using AES. There is no pre-shared key is being used. If you needed to add another Windows 8.1 laptop, what security setting would you recommend to use on the computer?

a.     WPA2-Personal

b.     WPA-Personal AES

c.     WPA-Enterprise AES

d.     WPA2-Enterprise

5.        You are running a Windows 8.1 computer that has a wireless adapter installed. What is the easiest way to determine the security type and wireless protocol being used by the network that is currently in range and broadcasting its’ SSID?

a.     Contact the administrator of the WAP

b.     Use a third-party tool to scan the network for wireless configurations

c.     Under the Networks menu, move your mouse over the visible network

d.     Review the properties of the wireless network adapter after you connect.

Matching and Identification

Complete the following exercise by matching the terms with their corresponding definitions.

  1. ____       passphrase
  2. ____       location-aware printing
  3. ____       mobile broadband network
  4. ____       ad hoc mode
  5. ____       infrastructure mode
  6. ____       denial of service
  7. ____       WEP
  8. ____       shared secret
  9. ____       WPA2-Enterprise
  10. ____       WPA2-Personal
    1. Configures wireless adapter to connect through a WAP
    2. Prevents legitimate users from communicating with a WAP
    3. Words and characters used to authenticate a wireless connection
    4. A security setting used to encrypt network traffic before it is sent in WEP
    5. Also known as WPA-PSK or pre-shared key mode
    6. Feature that allows you to set default printer for each network you connect to
    7. Wireless security protocol that uses a shared key to encrypt traffic
    8. Configures wireless adapter to connect to other wireless computers bypassing the WAP
    9. Also known as WPA-802.1x or WPA-RADIUS
    10. Provide high-speed access through portable devices; requires data plan


Build a List

1.       In order of first to last, specify the order of steps you would use to connect to a wireless network broadcasting its SSID.

____               In the Settings menu, click the Network icon

____               From the Windows 8.1 Start menu, press the Windows logo key + c, to open the Charms bar.

____               Click Connect.

____               When prompted, Do you want to turn on sharing between PCs and connect to devices on this network?  Click Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices.

___                 In the Networks menu, choose the network you want to connect to

___                 On the Charms bar click Settings.

___                 In the Enter the network security key field, type the security key for the network and then click Next.


2.        Specify the correct order of steps required to keep Windows 8.1 from automatically connecting to a wireless network that used for a one time task while you are still within range of the network.

__  From the Windows 8.1 task tray, click your wireless connection icon.

__   Make sure your computer is currently within range of the network you want to remove.

__   From the Networks menu, locate the network you want to remove.

__   Right-click the network and choose Forget this network.


3.       In order of first to last, specify the steps needed to configure location-aware printing on a Windows 8.1 laptop.

_____            Under Select network click the down arrow and choose a network and then under Select printer choose the printer that will be used as the default printer for that network.

____               To close the Manage Default Printers dialog box, click OK.

____               Click the printer you want to configure and then in the menu bar, choose Manage default printers.

____               Click Add.

____               Close the Device and Printers dialog box.

____               In the Manage Default Printers dialog box (see Figure 11-9), click Change my default printer when I change networks.

____               From the Windows 8.1 Start menu, press the Windows logo key + w, type devices and then choose Devices and Printers from Results.

Business Case Scenarios

Scenario 10-1: Troubleshooting Location-Aware Printing

           You currently have two users in your company that work from home on Wednesday’s.  After setting up their Windows 8.1 laptops to use location-aware printing, you discover the computers are not defaulting to the appropriate printer when they connect to a network.  How would you troubleshoot this problem?



Scenario 10-2: Deleting Wireless Networks No Longer in Range

           A few of your Windows 8.1 laptop users recently returned from a convention where they used the local wireless network extensively. They have no intention of every going back to that convention and want to know how to delete the wireless profile from their machines. What would you tell them?




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