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Homework answers / question archive / 1)The economy is a part of the _________ that influences organizations

1)The economy is a part of the _________ that influences organizations


1)The economy is a part of the _________ that influences organizations.

A. specific environment

B. general environment

C. niche environment

D. internal environment



 2_________ involves identifying and addressing customer needs, trends, and issues before they occur.

A. Demand analysis

B. Reactive monitoring

C. Proactive monitoring

D. Business analytics



 3Ecru Inc. is a company that provides dairy products and meat to a fast food chain. The fast food chain regularly buys these food items from Ecru. In this scenario, Ecru is a _________ of the fast food chain.

A. supplier

B. competitor

C. buyer

D. regulator



4 _________ is the degree to which a supplier relies on a client because of the importance of that client to the supplier and the difficulty of finding other clients for its products.

A. Buyer dependence

B. Internal dependence

C. Resource dependence

D. Supplier dependence



 5The _________ stops companies from engaging in unfair labor practices.

A. Department of Labor

B. National Labor Relations Board

C. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

D. Occupational Safety and Health Administration



 6 In the context of business, a(n) _________ is an environment with many environmental factors.



7  _________ is the abundance or shortage of critical organizational resources in an organization’s external environment.



8 _________ are companies in the same industry that sell similar products or services to customers.



9 The _________ component of the specific environment of an organization consists of regulations and guidelines that govern the business practices and procedures of specific industries, businesses, and professions.



10 _________ are graphic depictions of how managers believe environmental factors relate to possible organizational actions.


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