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Homework answers / question archive / Hi Gary : Can you try to help me do some role play in 2 MINUTES

Hi Gary : Can you try to help me do some role play in 2 MINUTES


Hi Gary :

Can you try to help me do some role play in 2 MINUTES.

All information below and attachment.

General instructions to Learners

This task requires you to participate in the Roleplay scenario below.

Your Assessor and/or other learners will play people you interact with during these simulations; they will have certain things they are required to do or say in order to make the simulation effective and relevant.

Your Assessor will observe and record your demonstration of competency on structured Roleplay Checklists provided. You are advised to review these checklists to see exactly what they will be looking for. This role play addresses:

  • Roleplay 1: Preparing the budget.


  • The Scenario for each role play
  • The ‘Roleplay instructions to Learner’ for each role play.
  • The Roleplay Checklist for each role play.

Please treat these Roleplays seriously and participate as if you were an employee in the situation described for each of the Roleplays.


Criteria for success

The decision-making rules that will be followed are:

  • Learners must complete all tasks and answer all questions in a way that demonstrates understanding of the key actions and requirements.
  • All tasks and answers must be correct to achieve a satisfactory result.

Where a learner does not complete tasks or questions correctly, they will be provided an opportunity to repeat the simulation or observation at a later date.


Roleplay instructions to Learner

For this Roleplay you are required to demonstrate:

  • How you would consult and discuss budget preparation issues.
  • Your knowledge about drafting a budget.

The Assessor may stop the assessment on occasion to:

  • Ask questions or to get you to repeat an action.
  • Ask you to explain what and why you are doing something.
  • Tell you when to continue with the assessment task.


You must complete all tasks in the required time limit which for this Roleplay is thirty minutes.

The assessment will take place in a simulated office environment with just your Assessor present playing the role of a work colleague.

All competencies in the Roleplay Checklist must be observed to complete this assessment.

If a competency is not observed during the time period, the Assessor will create an opportunity to repeat the role play (or part of it) or undertake an alternative form of assessment such as questioning or demonstration.


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