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Homework answers / question archive / Knowledge Assessment Lesson 15 Multiple Choice 1)  Which of the following commands could be used to open the Services console? a

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 15 Multiple Choice 1)  Which of the following commands could be used to open the Services console? a

Computer Science

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 15

Multiple Choice

1)  Which of the following commands could be used to open the Services console?

a.     Services.exe

b.     Services.msc

c.     Services.ps1

d.     Services.mmc

2.       In which of the following locations can you find the services snap-in?

a.     Computer Management

b.     Server Manager

c.     Add/Remove Programs

d.     System Configuration

3.       Which of the following accounts allows full access to the system, while accessing other systems on the network?

a.     Local Admin account

b.     Local Service account

c.     Network Service account

d.     Local System account




4.       When the Local System account tries to access another system on the network, which of the following credentials does it use?

a.     The local administrator

b.     The Administrators group

c.     Computername$

d.     The service account that you define

5.       Which of the following programs allows you to specify what services start during boot up and can force the system to go into Safe mode?

a.     Services console

b.     Server Manager

c.     Task Manager

d.     System Configuration Utility

6.       Which of the following items in Task Scheduler causes a task to run?

a.     An action

b.     A trigger

c.     An account parameter

d.     A startup parameter

Best Answer

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

1.       You manage a program that requires several services. However, service1 has to start before service2. What should you do?

a.     Set Service 1 as Manual and set Service 2 as automatic

b.     Set Service 1 as Automatic and set Service 2 as Automatic (Delayed Start)

c.     Set Service 1 as Automatic (Delayed Start), and set Service 2 as Automatic

d.     Set Service 1 as Automatic, and set Service 2 as Manual

2.       In Windows 10, which of the following is the best utility to create relatively complex management tasks with Windows PowerShell scripts?

a.     Notepad

b.     Windows PowerShell Integrated Script Environment

c.     Notepad++

d.     WordPad



Matching and Identification

1.       Identify the type of account (Local System, Local Service, Network Service, or Another account) used to run a service.

         a) Uses computer’s credentials when accessing remote resources

         b) Has full access to system, but cannot access remote systems

         c) Can be a specific user account that you create

 d) Can be used to run services in the background while helping protect the computer from being compromised

Build a List

1.       Specify the correct order of steps necessary to creating a basic task in Task Scheduler.

_____            Click Finish.

____               Specify task name and description

_____            Open Task Scheduler.

_____            Specify the task trigger

_____            Click Create Basic Task

_____            Specify the action.

Business Case Scenarios Solutions

Scenario 15-1: Managing your Widget System

           You are an administrator at the Contoso Corporation. Equipment maintenance is performed a couple times a day; therefore, you need to close the Widget program and stop the three widget services. You also need to delete the temporary files used by the program. Explain how to simplify the startup and shutdown of the required components during the maintenance periods.


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