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Homework answers / question archive / Knowledge Assessment Lesson 17 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 17 Multiple Choice Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions

Computer Science

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 17

Multiple Choice

Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions.

1)      Which of the following Second Screen settings must you select to create a display on two monitors using a different resolution for each one?

a.       PC screen only

b.       Duplicate

c.        Extend

d.       Second screen only

2.       Which of the following tools can you use to import and export power management plans in Windows 8.1?

a.       Powercfg.exe and Group Policy

b.       The Power Options control panel only

c.        Powercfg.exe only

d.       The Power Options control panel and Group Policy

3.       Transparent caching saves temporary copies of files based on which of the following criteria?

a.       Number of requests for the file

b.       User time limits

c.        File size

d.       Network round-trip latency

4.       Which of the following Windows 8.1 utilities can you use to create a Wi-Fi Direct device pair?

a.       Nslookup.exe

b.       Netsh.exe

c.        Net.exe

d.       Netstat.exe

5.       Which of the following commands will display the power profiles on a computer running Windows 8.1, along with their GUIDs?

a.       powercfg.exe

b.       powercfg.exe –GUID

c.        powercfg.exe –list

d.       powercfg.exe –profile

6.       Which of the following settings is affected by default when you turn on the Windows 8.1 Presentation Settings option?

a.       Screen saver

b.       Volume

c.        Sleep

d.       Background

7.       Which of the following tasks must you complete before you can sync your passwords and settings with other computers running Windows 8.1? (Choose all that apply.)

a.       Create a local user account

b.       Log on using a Microsoft account

c.        Join an Active Directory Domain Services domain.

d.       Verify that your computer is trusted

8        The Windows 8.1 Mobility Center Window is divided into as many as eight tiles. Which tile would be accessed to configure settings that control attempts to put the computer to sleep?

a.       Sync Center

b.       Screen Orientation

c.        Presentation Settings

d.       External Display

9.       Which of the following are ways that you can use to configure how Windows 8.1 works with multiple displays? Select all that apply.

a.       Windows Mobility Center > Display Tile > click the disconnect Display button.

b.       Open the Display control panel and click Adjust resolution

c.        Windows Mobility Center > Sync Center

d.       Windows Mobility Center > Screen Orientation

10.     Wi-Fi Direct is a new Microsoft implementation for what type of wireless networking?

a.       Infrastructure model wireless networks

b.       Ad hoc wireless networks

c.        Workgroup-based networks

d.       Domain-based networks

Best Answer

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

1.       Several new Windows 8.1 mobile computers have been purchased. Unfortunately, there is no way for the operating system to know exactly what effect the default power settings will have on a specific computer. What is the best approach to use to ensure you maintain a balance between power consumption and system performance on these new systems?

a.             Select the Power Saver Power Plan.

b.             Select the Balanced Power Plan.

c.             Select the High Performance Power Plan.

d.             Test each of the default Power Plans and then create a custom plan to meet your specific needs.

2.       Which of the following is the best approach to use when connecting a new Windows 8.1 mobile computer to a network projector while avoiding problems with the Windows Firewall?

a.             Install the software that comes with the network projector and configure your Windows 8.1 Firewall settings manually.

b.             Install the Connect to a Network Projector Wizard feature and disable your Windows Firewall.

c.             Install the Connect to a Network Projector Wizard feature and let it determine the appropriate exceptions for the Windows Firewall.

d.             Install the Connect to a Network Projector Wizard feature.

3.       Of the following tools, which provides you with the most comprehensive power management interface for configuring power policies?

a.             Control Panel

b.             Group Policy

c.             Windows Mobility Center

d.             Powercfg.exe

4.       The company would like to provide users with access to their files while using their mobile devices. They want to conserve bandwidth and provide users with faster repeat access to the files while still allowing them to access the files when disconnected from the network. Which technology best fits this need?

a.             Transparent caching combined with Offline files and two-way synchronization

b.             Share caching

c.             Transparent caching combined with Offline files

d.             Share caching with offline files

5.       The company wants to implement Windows 8.1 features that will support users who copy network-based document files to a mobile system. These features should ensure that if two users are working on the same file offline, when they reconnect, they have the option of resolving the conflict between the two versions. Which of the following features would best support that goal?

a.             Offline files with two-way synchronization

b.             Offline files with one-way synchronization

c.             Transparent caching, Offline files and one-way synchronization

d.             Transparent caching, Offline files and two-way synchronization

Matching and Identification

1.             Complete the following exercise by matching the terms with their corresponding definitions.

           a)       Windows Mobility Center

           b)       Offline files

           c)       Sync Center

           d)       Wi-Fi direct

           e)       Transparent caching

           f)        One-way synchronization

           g)       Two-way synchronization

           h)       infrastructure model

           i)         ad hoc wireless networking

           j)        Windows To Go

  1. Designed for clients connected by relatively slow WAN connections.
  2. Data moves from source to destination only.
  3. A shell application that provides a central point of access for mobile configuration settings.
  4. Wireless devices connection to a central access point.
  5. Allows you to install Windows 8.1 on a removable USB drive.
  6. Allows users to access server files even in the event of network service failure.
  7. Changes users make to either copy of a file is replicated to the other system. Data moves in both directions.
  8. Microsoft implementation of ad hoc wireless networking.
  9. Consists of only two wireless devices that connect directly to each other.
  10. Functions as a central control panel for synchronization partnerships.

Build a List

1.       In order of first to last, specify the correct order of steps to create a custom Power Plan.

                Click Create a power plan.

                Type a name for your power plan in the Plan name text box and then click Next.

                Select the radio button for the default power plan that will be the basis for your new plan.

                Click Change advanced power settings.

                Click the Change plan settings link for the plan you created.

                Modify the display and sleep settings as desired for the On battery and Plugged in power states and then click Create.

                Modify any of the settings as desired and then click OK.

                Click Save Changes to close the Change settings for the plan page.

                Open the Control Panel and then click or tap Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

2.       Specify the correct order of steps to configure a sync partnership.

                Select the network folder whose synchronization you want to schedule and then click Next.

                Open Control Panel and click Hardware and Sound > Windows Mobility Center.

                Click the icon in the Sync Center pane. The Sync Center control panel appears, displaying the View sync partnerships page.

                Select the Offline Files partnership and then click Schedule.

 Select one of the following options, configure its properties, and (at a scheduled time or when an event occurs, then click Next.

                Specify a name for the schedule and then click Save Schedule.

3.       Specify the correct order of steps to export a Power Plan.

                Close the Command Prompt window.

                In the Command Prompt window, execute the powercfg.exe –list command.

                Open a Command Prompt window with administrative privileges.

                Execute the following command (where GUID is the GUID value for the plan you want to export, as displayed in the list: powercfg.exe -export power.pow GUID

Business Case Scenarios

Scenario 17-1: Troubleshooting Network Projectors

           A new network projector has recently been added to the company’s network. A Windows 8.1 computer was connected to the network projector last week and several training presentations were given successfully. For some reason, another Windows 8.1 computer that is being used for training presentations this week cannot access the projector. What could be causing the problem?


Scenario 17-2: Configuring Multiple 

           A user connected a second display to their mobile computer. The current display was then mirrored on the secondary device. The user would like to extend their current display instead of mirroring it. Can this be accomplished? If so, explain how it would be done.


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