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Homework answers / question archive / Question1)Managers can use integrity tests to _____

Question1)Managers can use integrity tests to _____


Question1)Managers can use integrity tests to _____.




  • Question 2



The two general categories of stakeholders are ____ stakeholders and ____ stakeholders.


  • Question 3



The ____ determined that companies can be prosecuted and punished for the illegal or unethical actions of employees even if management didn't know about the unethical behavior.


  • Question 4



What term describes the degree of concern people have about an ethical issue?


  • Question 5



Bayer AG, Syndial SpA, Crompton Corp., DuPont Dow Elastomers, and Zeon Chemicals are all international manufacturers of rubber chemicals. They have all been indicted as participants in a price-fixing scheme that drove up the costs of rubber chemicals used to make shoes, tires, and other products. These companies ignored their ____ responsibility to society.


  • Question 6



When addressing issues of high ____ , managers are more aware of the impact their decisions have on others, they are more likely to view the decision as an ethical decision, and they are more likely to worry about doing the right thing.


  • Question 7



Historically, ____ responsibility means making a profit by producing a product valued by society. It has been the most basic social responsibility of a business.


  • Question 8



____ stakeholders are any groups that can influence or be influenced by the company and can affect public perceptions about its socially responsible behavior.


  • Question 9



Ethical intensity depends in part upon ____.


  • Question 10



Companies are not considered unethical if they do not perform their ____ responsibilities.


  • Question 11



According to Kohlberg's model of moral development, people at the ____ use internalized ethical principles to solve ethical dilemmas.


  • Question 12



The three stages of moral development identified by Kohlberg are ____.


  • Question 13



IBM has a long-standing “Reinventing Education” program, which involves intensive research into how educational institutions can use the fruits of new technologies to transform what they do and thereby improve education. In the process, the program is actually helping to shape a market of significant interest to IBM. IBM views the program as an investment rather than as a charitable contribution. This is an example of the positive relationship between social responsibility and ____.


  • Question 14



____ integrity tests indirectly estimate employee honesty by measuring psychological traits.


  • Question 15



What is social responsibility?


  • Question 16



Which of the following is a possible outcome of planning?


  • Question 17



Top management is responsible for developing long-term ____ that make clear how the company will serve customers and position itself against competitors in the next two to five years.


  • Question 18



Neither Chile nor Peru has a mass-market café culture, but that fact has not stopped Starbucks from trying to determine what can be done to make its coffee houses successful in those markets. By recognizing that people in these two South American countries do not drink coffee like people in the United States and that they should change this habit, Starbucks has begun a ____ process with problem identification.


  • Question 19



There are three kinds of ____ plans. They are single-use plans, standing plans, and budgets.


  • Question 20



____ is a systematic process of defining problems, evaluating alternatives, and choosing optimal solutions.


  • Question 21



For options-based planning to work, the organization must ____.


  • Question 22



____ is the process of choosing a solution from available alternatives.


  • Question 23



The last step in effective planning is to ____.


  • Question 24



What type of planning would be used to create the festivities necessary to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of a furniture manufacturer?


  • Question 25



Who is primarily responsible for developing operational plans?


  • Question 26



____ can help organizations to maintain flexibility as they plan.


  • Question 27



____ occurs when managers choose an alternative that is good enough, rather than the best possible alternative.


  • Question 28



In case of a fire, most organizations have a series of actions that must take place beginning with notifying the fire department and include evacuating buildings. What kind of a standing plan is described in this example?


  • Question 29



According to the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines, goals should be ____.


  • Question 30



____ planning keeps options open by making small, simultaneous investments in many alternative plans.




  • Question 31



Teams can be broadly classified as either ____.


  • Question 32



Group cohesion tends to be relatively strong at the ____ stage of team development.


  • Question 33



The least amount of team autonomy is found in ____.


  • Question 34



The ____ is purposefully composed of employees from different functional areas of the organization.


  • Question 35



____ undermines team effectiveness by preventing teams from engaging in the kinds of activities that are critical to team effectiveness.


  • Question 36



____ is one of the disadvantages associated with the use of work teams.





  • Question 37



The ____ is created to complete specific, one-time projects or tasks within a limited time.


  • Question 38



E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. One team had to spend time riding in the back seat of a squad car, accompanying cops on drug raids, as part of research for a new communications device for police departments. Another team studied how people get sick with a cold to create a new over-the-counter cold remedy. Often clients give team members extremely ambitious goals which the team members initially have no idea how to solve. In other words, project teams are given ____.


  • Question 39



Which of the following is a potential disadvantage associated with the use of work teams?


  • Question 40



Many orthopedic parts are almost identical in size and shape. Stryker Howmedica Osteonics in New Jersey used a semi-autonomous work group to develop Product Recognition Technology that makes sure parts are identified correctly and orders are filled correctly. What happened when the team reached the storming stage of team development?


  • Question 41



Virtual teams ____.


  • Question 42



____ are informally agreed-on standards that regulate team behavior.


  • Question 43



Which of the following team sizes usually provides the best performance?


  • Question 44



As a member of a typical traditional work group, Joshua should expect to be responsible for ____.


  • Question 45



Teams are typically required when ____.





  • Question 46



Which of the following is a legal problem employers may encounter in seeking, providing, or using employment references as part of the selection process?


  • Question 47



Which of the following provides employment counseling services for employees faced with downsizing?


  • Question 48



Which of the following is a direct (rather than indirect) measure of job applicants' capability to do the job?


  • Question 49



The United Kingdom issued a new recruitment publication for the nation's Fire Service. The publication lists all of the qualifications needed to become a fire fighter. This recruitment pamphlet is actually a(n) ____.


  • Question 50



____ is the form of sexual harassment in which employment outcomes such as hiring, promotion, or simply keeping one's job depend on whether an individual submits to sexual harassment.


  • Question 51



____ is intentional discrimination that occurs when people are purposefully not given the same hiring, promotion, or membership opportunities because of their race, sex, age, ethnic group, national origin, or religious beliefs.


  • Question 52



____ are procedures used to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of information that applicants provide about themselves and to uncover negative, job-related background information not provided by applicants.


  • Question 53



____ is the process of gathering information about job applicants to decide who should be offered a job.


  • Question 54



From a legal perspective, there are two kinds of sexual harassment. They are ____.


  • Question 55



The ____ interview uses only standardized, job-related interview questions that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates


  • Question 56



The term ____ refers to both the financial and nonfinancial rewards organizations give employees in exchange for their work.


  • Question 57



____ interviewing typically leads to much more accurate hiring decisions (i.e., correctly predicting which job applicants will perform better, and therefore should be hired).


  • Question 58



____ is unintentional discrimination in which there is a substantially different rate of selection in hiring, promotion, or other employment decisions that works to the disadvantage of members of a particular race, sex, age, ethnicity, or protected group.


  • Question 59



Which of the following types of tests accurately predicts job performance in almost all kinds of jobs?



Question 60


What is the primary advantage of the structured interview?




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