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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Boeing makes passenger, cargo, short-haul, and long-haul aircraft from the same design, with many shared components

1)Boeing makes passenger, cargo, short-haul, and long-haul aircraft from the same design, with many shared components


1)Boeing makes passenger, cargo, short-haul, and long-haul aircraft from the same design, with many shared components. This is an example of Boeing using a ____.

A. product platform B. brand platform

C.         channel platform

D.         category platform

2. Many futurists advocate studying the emerging trends in society and deriving product opportunities from them. A team of experts from the consulting firm Social Technologies identified six important and provocative modern trends. One of these trends is "The transparent self." This trend refers to which of the following observations?

A.         There is more information about consumers available to product managers now than ever before.

B.         People like making spur-of-the-moment decisions based on real-time information.

C.         People can sense their environment better now than ever before; what might be "too much information" for some might be essential information for others.

D.         As more people become accustomed to virtual spaces, the boundary between these and the real world will become increasingly blurred

•          3. These platforms can be strategically important. They are based upon billion-dollar assets so many of these platforms are personally driven by CEOs. Identify the platform in discussion. A. Channel platform

B.         Category platform

C.         Product platform

D.         Brand platform

•          4 Which of the following statements is true about a product innovation charter (PIC)? A. It is typically prepared by team leaders.

B.         It is designed to provide guidance to the business units on the role of innovation.

C.         It reminds us that the new product strategy is for processes and other activities.

D.         It can be thought of as a kind of vision statement which is applied at macro level.

•          5 Any "rules of the road," requirements imposed by the situation or by upper management form a part of _____ section of a PIC.

A.         background

B.         focus

C.         goals-objectives

D.         guidelines

•          6 At least one clear technology dimension is matched with one clear market dimension in the _____ section of the PIC.

A.         background

B.         focus

C.         goals-objectives

D.         guidelines

•          7 Which of the following describes the problem of scope creep faced by a new product team?

A.         Employees in the organization are not aware of the PIC.

B.         The PIC is not given to all the members of the new product team in the form of a written document. C. The definition of the project constantly keeps changing.

D. The senior management is not involved in the implementation of the PIC.

•          8 Key ideas from the situation analysis and reasons for preparing a new PIC at this time would be stated in this section of a PIC. Identify the section. A. Background

B.         Focus

C.         Goals-objectives

D.         Guidelines

•          9 In the context of new product arena, focus is generally achieved by the use of four types of strengths or leverage capabilities. Which of the following is one of those strengths?

A.         End-user experience

B.         Employee skills

C.         Market capitalization of the organization

D.         Ownership of a scarce resource

•          10The best new product ideas are based on ____, which serve as the heart of the concept generation process. A. channel desires

B.         manufacturing efficiencies

C.         profit goals

D.         customer problems

•          11 _____ is defined in product innovation as the power to do work. A. Benefit

B.         Form

C.         Technology

D.         Potential

•          12 A new product:

A.         when launched is still in a tentative form.

B.         if successful can be termed a concept.

C.         comes into being once its prototype is ready.

D.         comes into being when its potential benefits are identified.

•          13 With reference to the three inputs required by the creation process, _____ is the source by which the form is attained. A. design

B.         potential

D. benefit

C.         technology

•          14 In an innovation process, which of the following inputs required by the creation process is often put first?

A.         Form

B.         Technology

C.         Benefit

D.         Potential

•          15 Prior to proceeding with the development of a concept, a group of technical people and intended customers will review a _____ statement to assess its potential. A. product input

B.         product potential

C.         product concept

D.         product process

•          16 A verbal and/or prototype expression that tells what is going to be changed and how the customer stands to gain or lose is best described as a:

A.         product innovation charter.

B.         product statement.

C.         concept.

D.         prototype.

•          17 Concept generation must be a(n) _____ process. A. passive

B.         reactive

C.         active

D.         defensive

•          18 Open idea solicitation is known as:

A.         crowdsourcing.

B.         skimming.

C.         market penetration.

D.         shoulder surfing.

•          19 Most of the ideas offered by consumers would be best characterized as:

A.         product improvements.

B.         line extensions.

C.         new-to-the-world products.

D.         prototypes

•          20 Many firms seek to elicit new product ideas from their ____, that is, the customers associated with a significant current trend. A. resellers

B.         vendors

C.         inventors

D.         lead users


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