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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Products that are inventions and create a whole new market are called:         new-to-the-world products

1) Products that are inventions and create a whole new market are called:         new-to-the-world products


1) Products that are inventions and create a whole new market are called:





  1. new-to-the-world products.
  2. new-to-the-firm products.
  3. "flanker" brands.
  4. improvised products

2  The companies have to innovate and offer new products to their costumers in order to be competitive. We cans say that new-to-the-firm products are:

  1. inventions that create a whole new market.
  2. products that take a firm into a category new to it.
  3. products that are new to the world, but are not new to the firm.
  4. products that are retargeted for a new use or application.


  • 1.By definition, new products are limited to significant technological innovations.
  • 2. A successful new product does more good for a firm than anything else that can happen.
  • 3. p. 7) Historically, almost 90 percent of all new products have failed.
  • 4 Business firms expect, and get, a high percentage of their sales and profits from new products
  • 5. A firm's global presence is no guarantee that it will automatically know how to efficiently manage its global operations.
  • 6 Firms with a global innovation culture have the most effective global new product programs.
  • 7 The new products team ideally is selfdirected.
  • 8 The term "product innovation" usually applies to functions, especially manufacturing or distribution, and every new product benefits from this type of innovation.
  • 9. New-to-the-world products are the least common form of new products.
  • 10 New-to-the-firm products are the least likely to require consumer learning.


  • 11. The new product development process begins with the generation of attractive product concepts by new products people.
  • 12. The full screen uses a scoring model of some type and results in a decision to deal only with development.
  • 13 The leading factor in new product success is the development of a uniquely superior offering.
  • 14. The development and launch phase comprise what is popularly called the fuzzy front end.
  • 15 In the new products process, a batch concept is generated during the concept evaluation phase.
  • 16. A new product suddenly emerges from R&D.
  • 17. Firms that launch pioneering new-to-the-world products into the market incur a significantly lower long-term survival rate than those that enter the market later.


  • 18 Typically, the product innovation charter is prepared by team leaders.
  • 19. The product innovation charter can be thought of as a kind of mission statement, but applied at a more micro level within the firm.
  • 20 The core competencies of a firm are an excellent place to start the search for charter arena definitions.



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