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Homework answers / question archive / Explain legal considerations for US companies

Explain legal considerations for US companies


Explain legal considerations for US companies.
*Discuss the provisions of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
*Explain US embargoes and export controls.
*Identify antitrust laws.
*Discuss product liability.
*Explain foreign legal considerations.
*Discuss intellectual property rights.
*Discuss international contracts.
*Enumerate contract/agreements guidelines.
*Explain transfer pricing duty drawback.
*Define what is eligible for drawback.
*Explain how to obtain duty drawback.

* You must find a minimum of five peer-reviewed, scholarly articles
from academic journals.
* You will select a key concept and explain what you have learned from
the research.
* Your Research Project should be a 4 to 6 page paper (1000 Words)
excluding Cover Page and References.
* Abstract - What is the thesis (primary reason for writing) of the
paper? What are the major points to be covered? What conclusion is
developed from the work?
* Discussion Section - will provide an in-depth discussion of your key
concept that synthesizes your research.  This synthesis will compare
and contrast critical ideas from each source as well as the course
materials.  Cite in-text references in support of each point you make
in the paper in APA format. You should have a least three critical
ideas or arguments garnered from the research that are not in the
course materials.  These will be APA level two headings.  There should
be a minimum of 5 references from separate substantive resources.
Relate the key concept to your personal experience or observation as
either an employee or customer and how it might be applied in a real
world situation.  This section is also an APA level two heading.
* Conclusion Statement - restates the thesis, summarizes the arguments
and restates the conclusion.
* References - provide your references in APA 7 format

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