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Homework answers / question archive / MaryClaire Nwachukwu Health 104 Ms

MaryClaire Nwachukwu Health 104 Ms

Health Science

MaryClaire Nwachukwu

Health 104

Ms. Beck

1)What phases make up the active listening process?

  1. How does hearing differ from listening?
  1. According to studies, what is the average rate of listening efficiency for most adults in the United States? Why is this significant in a customer service environment?
  1. List at least six characteristics of effective listeners.
  1. What is an important reason for practicing good listening skills in a customer service environment?
  1. Of the characteristics common to good listeners, which do you consider most important in a customer service organization?
  1. What obstacles to effective listening have you experienced, either as a customer service professional or as a customer?
  1. How can you determine when someone is not listening to what you say?

9.         What techniques or strategies can be used to improve your listening skills?

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