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Homework answers / question archive / Question1)If cocaine wasnt injected directly into the VTA, rats did not respond

Question1)If cocaine wasnt injected directly into the VTA, rats did not respond


Question1)If cocaine wasnt injected directly into the VTA, rats did not respond. Why does cocaine affect humans even if its not injected directly into the VTA?




Question 2


A cocaine addict with a strong set of religious beliefs would likely have greater success in maintaining abstinence with...

Question 3


Which of the following is true about the difference between crack and powder cocaine?

Question 4


Which of the following is true of sentence for crack cocaine offenses?

Question 5


Sigmund Freud recommended the use of cocaine to his friends and patients.

Question 6


Cocaine treatment options include...

Question 7


The "kindling effect" of cocaine means that...

Question 8


Cocaine powder can be...

Question 9


Cocaine was first used...

Question 10


Cocaine Anonymous is based on the...

Question 11


Chronic use of cocaine causes...

Question 12


Where do you get cocaethylene?

Question 13


Crack cocaine is punished to a much greater degree than powder cocaine because...

Question 14


More cocaine addicts are able to maintain abstinence from cocaine if they...

Question 15


Which of the following precautions should George's doctor have told him when prescribing lithium?

Question 16


Formication hallucinations are...

Question 17


The cocaine in coca leaves is approximately...

Question 18


How does cocaine affect dopamine levels?

Question 19


Most of the cocaine in the US arrives from...

Question 20


The greatest increase in the value of cocaine occurs in the transfer from...

Question 21  

Louise is an analytical chemist. She is considered to have "very high abstract reasoning ability." She is trying to resolve a cocaine addiction. She would have more success is she sought treatment with...


a 12-step program


a cognitive-behavior therapist


Either is equally likely to be successful


Neither is likely to be successful

Question 22

 Cocaine mimics the dopamine molecule.

Question 23 

According to federal sentencing guidelines, possession of $29.00 worth of crack is equivalent to...

Question 24 

Most of the world's cocaine is cultivated in...

Question 25

 Under federal sentencing guidelines, one gram of crack cocaine is equivalent to...



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