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Homework answers / question archive / Question1) Amphetamines were called "crank" because of their association with

Question1) Amphetamines were called "crank" because of their association with


Question1) Amphetamines were called "crank" because of their association with...







Question 2  

Which of the following cities saw the largest increase in amphetamine-related emergency department visits between 1995 and 2002?


Question 3  

Chronic users of amphetamines may demonstrate symptoms like...


Question 4  

Benzedrine was the brand name for...


Question 5  

Pure amphetamine is also called...


Question 6  

"Meth mouth" is caused by...


Question 7  

Amphetamine was first synthesized in...


Question 8  

Which of the following is a prescription form of amphetamine?


Question 9  

What are meth bugs?


Question 10  

Which of the following countries experienced an "epidemic" of addiction to amphetamines because of their war-time distribution program?


Question 11  

Amphetamine was used as a diet pill because...


Question 12  

Amphetamines were commonly associated with which area of the US?


Question 13  

Zephrex-D cannot be used to make methamphetamine.


Question 14 

Why was amphetamine not available until the late-1800s?


Question 15  

Who makes meth?


Question 16  

Methamphetamine is increasingly being made in...


Question 17

 Which of the following crosses the blood-brain barrier most easily?


Question 18  

The US distributed amphetamines to troops fighting in Korea.


Question 19


In 1997, researchers in Texas found methamphetamine in...


Question 20  

Which of the following cities had the highest incidence of emergency department visits in 2002?

Question 21

 The majority of patients admitted to emergency departments are...

Question 22

 "Meth bugs" are...

Question 23

 Nexafed includes pseudoephedrine and _____, making it less likely to be converted for meth production.

Question 24

 Between 1995 and 2002, use of amphetamines decreased in the US

Question 25 

Some people referred to amphetamines as "black beauties" because...

Question 26

 Amphetamine has been used as...


Amphetamines are usually...


One of the newest issues surrounding meth production is the use of...


The RAND estimate of the cost of methamphetamine in 2005 was...


Sudafed and other products containing ephedrine are stored behind pharmacy counters because...


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