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Homework answers / question archive /   Question1) Jen is developing the positioning statement for a brand

  Question1) Jen is developing the positioning statement for a brand


  Question1) Jen is developing the positioning statement for a brand.  In a meeting, the marketing team tells Jen that she has succinctly and clearly expressed the competitive advantage of the new brand.  The team approves of the way Jen wants to express the brand’s competitive advantage, and tells her to continue her work on fully developing the positioning statement.  Which element of crafting the positioning statement has Jen’s team just approved?



·  Question 2



A firm’s positioning statement should address their target segment.  Anything else they’ll say in the positioning statement will have _______ meaning to customers who are not in that segment.


·  Question 3



Product leadership refers to companies that ______.


·  Question 4



The positioning statement can serve as an internal memorandum keeping all managers aligned as a basic guiding principle in all their collective decisions, so as to enhance the likelihood of ______ in the results of those decisions.


·  Question 5



Operational excellence refers to companies that ________.


·  Question 6



In which phase of the Product Life Cycle is customer awareness getting stronger, and there may be some buzz in the marketplace?


·  Question 7



The stage of the Product Life Cycle where sales and profits drop and new products replace older generations is called ___________.


·  Question 8



What term refers to the group of people who are the most risk averse, skeptical of new products, and stereotypically lower in income?


·  Question 9



If a company wants to be innovative, which strategy are they most likely to use?


·  Question 10



The __________ are a group of approximately 10-15% of the population who is so influential that the loss of one of these customers costs the firm more than the loss of later adopters.


·  Question 11



What are a mix of beliefs and importance weights?


·  Question 12



Which phase of the vehicle purchase process generates word of mouth?


·  Question 13



Why is Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit trademarked?


·  Question 14



Customer involvement is ____ on a B2C specialty purchase.


·  Question 15



A straight rebuy, like when the office needs more paper, is common for ____ customers.


·  Question 16



A company is interested in better understanding how different groups of customers feel about its products. In order to do this, the company will need to _____.


·  Question 17



The ideal goal for the marketer is to find a(n) ________ group of customers whose needs they can easily and profitably meet.


·  Question 18

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__________ means that each customer serves as his or her own segment. This approach sounds appealing from the customer point of view because the product would be tailored specially for each person’s idiosyncratic desires.


·  Question 19



Instead of trying to appeal to the entire marketplace, smart marketers and smart companies will try to find out ______.


·  Question 20



Considering a continuum from “mass marketing” to “one-to-one marketing,” market segmentation is ________.


·  Question 21



An example of a tangible purchase is _______.


·  Question 22



Alpha company makes items you typically see in a drug store. If they make toothpaste, which of the following would be expansion in the depth direction?


·  Question 23



_______ attributes are those that require some trial or consumption before evaluation.


·  Question 24



As Chris arrives at the airport, he decides that instead of waiting in line to check-in he will use the automated check-in kiosk.  He types in the information requested by the kiosk and his boarding pass is printed within seconds.  What does this exemplify the growing trend of?


·  Question 25



_______ are mostly comprised of experience and credence qualities.


·  Question 26



The more precisely defined the target market is, the _____ the numbers are to estimate.


·  Question 27



A form of comparative analysis where customers show their opinions of another firm’s strengths vis-à-vis their competitors is a ______.


·  Question 28



What are two perspectives a business can use in assessing each segment's attractiveness in terms of its potential for targeting?


·  Question 29



Fiat Chrysler is developing a marketing strategy for a new hybrid car and just discovered that their biggest competitor is launching a very similar product at almost exactly the same time.  In a SWOT analysis, the competitor’s product would be a (n) _____.


·  Question 30



A company tries to serve the segments whose needs match their _______, and in doing so hope to make very happy and loyal customers who will be very profitable.


·  Question 31



Which of the following is NOT part of the 5Cs?


·  Question 32



What is the best way for a business to stay 5 steps ahead of the competition?


·  Question 33



Most firms advertising's goal is to enhance _____.


·  Question 34



If companies are good and if they’re lucky, the exchange continues iterating between the customer and the company, ___________ the tie between them.


·  Question 35



What can be marketed?


·  Question 36



Brand 123 has customers in many countries purchasing its bicycles, but its managers are unsure if the brand is truly a “global brand.”  What percent of a global brand’s revenue should come from other countries?


·  Question 37



Companies build associations to their brands through _____.


·  Question 38



Harley Davidson user groups are an example of _____.


·  Question 39



Which is not an example of brand extensions?


·  Question 40



Why can a store brand offer decent quality for lower prices?



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