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Textbook Readings Brown, T

Health Science

Textbook Readings

Reflection Questions: 



    • What was the most compelling for you in this week's material? 
    • If you imagine your program being really community-driven or human-centered, how do you think that might look differently from what you designed so far?
    • What limitations do you anticipate exist in implementing truly community-centered programs?
    • How do you think community health programs can promote human centered design within the reality of the constraints created by funders' priorities? 
    • How can you ensure accountability to the community throughout the process of carrying out your program, even if it's not "community centered"? 

Note: Please review and respond to your classmates' work! The idea is to get the chance to improve based on feedback. 


e-Portfolio Assignment #1: Community Accountability

This week's e-Portfolio assignment is to communicate how you will ensure accountability to the community throughout your program implementation. 


  1. Find the "Community Accountability" page in your e-Portfolio template (sub-page under "Program Plan").
  2. Edit the page to include the following information: 
    1. A description of your intentions to maintain and promote a strong relationship with the community
    2. Any mechanisms you anticipate for feedback and input from the community
    3. Specific ways you will ensure community perspectives are heard, responded to, and reflected in your program's work.


Post the links to your new e-Portfolio pages with your Weekly Reflection below. 

e-Portfolio Assignment #2: Final Proposal


As a final product, your e-Portfolio should be able to stand alone and describe your true program plan. You can achieve this by including your complete proposal in one place, and then going through your portfolio and updating anything that's outdated so that it now matches your complete plan.


  1. Find the "Complete Proposal" page in your e-Portfolio template.
  2. Upload your final presentation to this page. You can export your presentation from Voicethread with your voice-over, or you can upload your slide-set. 
  3. Go through your previous pages and update any out of date descriptions or materials so your final plan is now reflected on this Google Site.

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