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Homework answers / question archive / 1)What were the three primary motivators for people to migrate to the new world or America in the beginning of colonization discussed in class?   2

1)What were the three primary motivators for people to migrate to the new world or America in the beginning of colonization discussed in class?   2


1)What were the three primary motivators for people to migrate to the new world or America in the beginning of colonization discussed in class?


2.         Who were the first Europeans to reach North America?

3.         Why is Henry the Navigator considered to be important to world exploration?

4.         What influence did Christopher Columbus have on future exploration?

5.         Why is King Henry VIII of England important in history?


6.         What was the Protestant Reformation?

7.         What are the English laws of Primogeniture?

8.         Who was Sir Humphrey Gilbert?


9.         What was Roanoke?


10.       What is important about Roanoke?

11.       Why was the concept of a joint stock company important?


12.       Which of the following reasons is NOT why the settlement of Jamestown was destined to fail in 1607?

13.       What influence did Captain John Smith have on the settlement of Jamestown?


14.       What agricultural crop made Jamestown a financial success?

15.       What was the purpose of the “headright system”?

16.       Who were the Pilgrims?

17.       Why was the Mayflower Compact important?


18.       What type of government was established in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

19.       What was unique about John Winthrop being the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony?

20.       What is the Puritan Political Theory?



21. What are the five points of TULIP?                    



22.       How did TULIP influence the Massachusetts Bay Colony?


23.       How did Roger Williams challenge the religious authority in Massachusetts Bay?




24.       How did Anne Hutchinson influence the practice of religion in New England?

25.       Who were the first people used by the English as slaves in North America?

26.       Why was Pennsylvania called the “holy experiment?”


27.       William Penn established his model of government in 1682 based upon what document?

28. What were the three primary reasons for American colonial population increase between 1700 and 1775?


29.       During the Trade Triangle era what established Charleston, South Carolina, as an important trading port?




30.       What was the First Great Awakening?




31.       Who was Jonathan Edwards?”

32. Identify two points emphasized during The First Great Awakening?



33.       What was the legacy of the First Great Awakening?                                                                                                


34.Identify two specific causes of the Revolutionary War.


35.       What was the purpose of the English Mercantile System?


36.       How did the Sugar Act affect the New England colonies?



37.       Why did the Townshend Duties fail?


38.       Why was Parliament motivated to enact the Tea Act?



39.       Who was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?


40.Identify the four laws of the Coercive Acts of 1774.                                                                                          


41.       How did Thomas Paine influence the independence movement?


42.       What were the Articles of Confederation?


43.       Under the Articles of Confederation what was the role of the president?




44. Identify two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.


45.       What is “mobocracy”?



46.       Why did men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others want to eliminate the Articles of Confederation?



47.       What is the Preamble to the U. S. Constitution?


48. List the first five individual rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights?


49.       Alexander Hamilton started the Federalist Party. What were some of his philosophical points?


50.       Thomas Jefferson started the Democratic Republican party. Identify several of his doctrinal points.


51.       Who has the responsibility to elect the President of the United States if there is no clear cut winner in the Electoral College?

52.       What principle was established in the Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison?


53.       What was the primary purpose of the Tariff of 1816?


54.       What was Henry Clay’s goal with his idea of the American System or as discussed in class the “Ripple Effect?           


56.       Why was the Presidential Election of 1824 called the “Corrupt Bargain?


57.       How did the philosophy of Deism challenge the established Christian churches?


58.       What was the impact of transcendentalism?



59.       The 2nd Great Awakening created more interest in what social issues?


60.       What are Utopian societies?


61.       The Women’s Movement of this era focused on which specific rights?


62.       What contributions did the German immigrants from 1840-1860 bring to the United States adding to the new American culture?



63.       Why were the Irish immigrants from 1840-1860 rejected by mid-19th century American society?



64.       Why was the 1828 Presidential Election referred to as a “mudslinging election”?


65. What were the three new political innovations introduced in the 1832 presidential election.





66        How did Manifest Destiny influence the westward movement?



67.       What resulted with the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?


68.       What was Buchanan’s Blunder?


69.       What did General Albert Sydney Johnston learn from the Mormons during the Utah War?



70.       How did Chief Justice Roger B. Taney’s decision in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case affect black slaves?


71. What are the three main causes of the Civil War?



72.       In 1861 why was President Lincoln disappointed in his Union generals?



73.       Why is the Gettysburg Address important?


74.       Why was the Battle of Vicksburg important?


75.       Which of the following is not one of the surrender conditions dictated by Grant to Lee at Appomattox Court House, April 1865?

76.       Who was the man that orchestrated the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in April 1865?


1.         Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton?



2.         Who proposed the idea of a national bank, the Bank of the United States?



3.         Why did Nathaniel Hawthorne write the book, The Scarlet Letter?




4.         What did the Lewis and Clarke Expedition accomplish?


5.         What is the Business Cycle in the United States?


6.         Who was responsible for the failure of the Bank of the United States and the subsequent Panic of 1837?


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