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Homework answers / question archive / 1) A ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet

1) A ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet


1) A ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet. The wheel is rotating at two revolutions per minute. Find the linear speed, in feet per minute, of a seat on this Ferris wheel.

2. Given sin(θ) = 1/4, 0 < θ < π/2. Evaluate sin(θ + π/6).

3. Find the domain: f(x) = sin-1 (x2 − x)

4. If sin(θ) = a, and cos(θ) = b, represent each of the following in terms of a and b.

a. sin(θ) + cos(−θ)

b. tan(θ) + sec(−θ)

5. From a point on level ground 80 feet from the base of a building, the angle of elevation is 25.6 degrees . Apprroximate the height of the building to the nearest foot.

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