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Homework answers / question archive / Problem 2 A floor beam having b = 12 in

Problem 2 A floor beam having b = 12 in

Civil Engineering

Problem 2 A floor beam having b = 12 in., d = 21.5 in., h = 24 in. is reinforced with three No. 11 bars with a yield strength of 60 ksi. The concrete compressive strength is 4,000 psi. The beam carries a total service load of 2,430 1b/ft on a 28 ft simple span. The sustained load includes the beam self-weight of 300 1b/ft, a superimposed dead load of 510 1b/ft, and 400 1b/ft of live load that acts more or less continuously such as furniture, equipment, and time-average occupancy. The remaining 1,220 1b/ft live load consists of short duration loads. Find the long-term deflection due to sustained loading, as well as the immediate deflection due to live load. Assuming that construction details are provided that will avoid damaged to supported elements due to deflections, determine if the deflections are acceptable based on ACI provisions.

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