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4. Calculate the present worth of a machine which costs $80000 initially and will have a $15000 salvage value after 11 years. The operating cost is $10000 at the end of yearl and amounts increasing by 10% each year. Use an interest rate of 16% per year compounded quarterly.

fl 1:59 Remaining ST 3 Real > Test 3 Real Make sure you save or your work before returning c7dd7f25e/tool/B4816039-ed4-4ec6-90-64ac925033/Showitemreturn View studente Save Question 1 of 18 1.0 Points rates do not change? Consider the country of Trelawney. In this country the demand for money increases but the central bank would like the overall level of the interest rates not to change. What action might the central bank of Telecydowmake sure there O A. The central bank of Trelawney could raise the desired reserves of chartered banks . O B. The central bank of Trelawney could buy governanent of Trelawney government bonde O C. The central bank of Trelawney could increase the bank tate O D. All of the other anwwers are incorrect O E. The central bank of Trelawney could sell government of Trelawney government bonds Selection

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