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Homework answers / question archive / 1)A country is in a recession if       Question 2

1)A country is in a recession if       Question 2


1)A country is in a recession if




Question 2.


Which form of unemployment will probably last for the shortest time for a given worker?





Question 3.


Cyclical unemployment is a function of





Question 4.


Economic growth is the result of





Question 5.


Which of the following will NOT result in an increase in measured unemployment, ceteris paribus?





Question 6.


The term “recession” refers to a




Question 7.


Nominal GDP is




Question 8.


Which of the following rise(s) during a recession and fall(s) during the expansionary phase of the business cycle?





Question 9.


In the circular flow model, how can households use their income?





Question 10.


The aggregate supply curve





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