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Lab 7 Gram Staining

In this assignment, you will be playing an immersive online learning simulation.

Below you can read the main learning outcomes and techniques you'll practice, as well as a brief introduction and storyline to the simulation.

Once you are ready, you can start the simulation by pressing the simulation launch button/link.
TIP:  read through this lab manual 7 The Gram Stain Labster.pdfPreview the document  to help you answer questions.  Also - and I learned this the hard way -  wait until prompted to use the reagents.  Otherwise, you'll be asked to reset your work and start over (and over, and over. . . .)  

Did you know that there are approximately 5 million-trillion-trillion bacteria in the world? Most of them are harmless, but some can induce disease in an affected host. In this simulation, you will help doctors identify bacteria in a cerebrospinal fluid sample from a patient suspected of suffering from bacterial meningitis.

Explore the bacterial cell wall

Compare and contrast the cell wall of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria by building your very own bacterial 3D models on the hologram table. Enter the exploration pod to observe in an immersive animation how the four reagents of the Gram stain interact with structural components of the cell wall to color the bacteria.

Perform the Gram stain

When the patient’s fluid sample arrives at the laboratory, equip yourself with protective gear to prepare a bacterial smear and heat fix it to a glass slide. You are now ready to perform the Gram stain in a safe virtual environment. Made a mistake? No worries, hit the big red button on the workbench to repeat the staining procedure until it becomes second nature.

Interpret your findings using a microscope

In the end, you will use a light microscope to interpret the results of your Gram stain. View the microscopic image on the computer screen, and apply immersion oil to increase magnification 1000x! Will you be able to identify the presence of any bacteria in the patient´s cerebrospinal fluid?

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