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Lab 6 Bacterial Structures

In this assignment, you will be playing an immersive online learning simulation.   Read through the Lab Manual linked here:  6 Bacterial Cell Structures Labster.pdfPreview the document 

Once you are ready, you can start the simulation by pressing the simulation launch button/link.

About this Learning Simulation

Global warming is causing the ice to melt in Antarctica, leading to the discovery of bacteria that have survived this extreme environment. In this simulation, you will learn about bacterial cell structures and how these are important for bacterial survival.

Identify bacteria in a sample from Antarctica

  • First you will collect a sample of melted ice from Antarctica that contains various bacteria. Your task is to investigate what is in the sample, and which bacterial cell structures are important for bacterial survival.
  • In order to analyze your bacterial sample and to understand the bacterial cell’s internal and external structures, you will explore the motility features and shapes of bacteria in your sample. You will also compare the outer and inner bacterial cell structures to that of the Eukaryotic cell and assemble the cytoplasmic content of the bacterial and the Eukaryotic cell.
  • Finally, you will compare your bacterial cell structures to other bacteria and learn which cellular structures are important for the bacteria to survive in extreme environments. Can you help the Arctic researchers decide which survival features they should study?

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