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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Ideally, family members and friends will help you through college by         2

1)Ideally, family members and friends will help you through college by         2


1)Ideally, family members and friends will help you through college by





2. Which of the following definitions most closely describes a goal?


  3. What is meant by the study tip “keep your studying bite-sized”?


4. Good goals should be


5. How can students with an “improvisor” time management style overcome their tendency to procrastinate?


6. If you encounter a setback in your academic goals, which of the following should you do?

7. Diane has a goal of becoming fluent in Chinese by the time she graduates with a degree in linguistics. She has been taking Chinese classes and reading Chinese news websites for two years in preparation for a study abroad program in Beijing. However, the semester before she is scheduled to start her study abroad program, the program’s funding is cut, resulting in the program’s cancellation. Which of the following is the best way for Diane to deal with this setback?


8. Multitasking is best defined as


9. If your schedule varies from week to week, which of the following is the best option for managing your time?


10. Which is the best way to become more productive when you are tempted to multitask and check your social media account while studying?


11. Self-assessment surveys are useful in helping you evaluate your personal identity and can help to recommend which of the following?

12. Which of the following is recommended as a good study habit?


13 You are interested in identifying careers that might be a good fit for your interests, values, and skills. Who would you contact?


14 Which of the following traits is associated with a successful student?


15 Which of the following is a strategy for achieving success in the classroom?


16 What would you least expect to find in school-wide policies?


17 If you need to find resources for your English paper, where should you go for help?


18 Which term describes your core beliefs and guiding principles that shape the roles you play in daily life?


19 Which of the following types of class delivery formats meets in-person the least amount of time?


20 Which of the life values self-­assessment survey instruments allows you to arrange life values in order of importance?


21 To be a career-ready person, which of the following must you have?


22 Bert works as a cashier in a bookstore for an hourly wage. He likes his work, but he doesn’t want to be doing the same thing five years from now. On the other hand, Ernie works in a different bookstore. He started as a cashier and was promoted to a manager. Ernie has been learning about marketing, and five years from now he hopes to be working on marketing projects for his current bookstore or perhaps a different bookstore. Which of the following statements best fits this scenario?


23 You are a college-ready student if you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors to do which of the following?


24 Which of the following are “soft skills”?

25 Which of the following are transferable skills?

26 Katie is nervous about her upcoming job opportunities and wants to make sure that her résumé is perfect. What is the best advice for her?

27 What is the difference between a panel interview and a group interview?

28 If you are looking for more information on choosing a major or career path from others who can best relate to your current situation, you should talk to


29 Which of the following are examples of “hard skills”?


30 What are the five steps for choosing a career?

31 “Why should we hire you?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What attracted you to this company?” These are all examples of


32 Which of the following should a cover letter accomplish?


33 Which of the following is the most effective response to the interview question “What is your greatest weakness?”


34 Which of the following is the best technique to win a face-to-face interview from a screening interview?


35 Which of the following should you include on a résumé?


36 Which of the following should you AVOID in your cover letter?


37 Which of the following should NOT be included on a résumé?


38 Which traits are typical of the exploring stage of career development?


39 Which of the following will be most beneficial to help you grow your professional network?


40 Which of the following is the first step to preparing for an interview?


41 What type of situation best inspires creativity?


42 Which resource below probably contains the most effective information to to help you write your paper on death penalty laws in California?


43 When studying to remember things, it’s best to think about ________ rather than facts.


44 What best defines “critical thinking”?


45 Just one day after computer programming class, Suzanne was surprised to find that, like most people, she forgot roughly ________ of what she learned in that class session.

46 Which of the following is a positive effect of participating in diverse groups in an educational setting?


47 Isabella needs to create a mini-presentation with her group for an advertising campaign project in her marketing class. What type of learning is she doing?


48 Why are academic print resources generally more credible than online sources?


49 Which of the following are diversity and multicultural organizations?


50 Which tool can best enable students to observe and analyze the world or reimagine it in a way that appeals to them?


51 If you include quotes in your paper, they


52 If you rewrite a quote in your own words, it


53 If you are concerned about not having enough time to work during school, you may find ________ to be the best solution.


54 What are common signs of depression?


55 Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of which of the following?


56 A person with good mental health will realize his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and


57 Presenting someone else’s ideas as your own is best defined as


58 Budgets should include


59 Taking tests is valuable for which of the following reasons?


60 Using web applications and tools to help you keep track of your sources and create your citations is


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