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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Harry is brand-conscious and has been very loyal to Revy Jeans

1)Harry is brand-conscious and has been very loyal to Revy Jeans


1)Harry is brand-conscious and has been very loyal to Revy Jeans. Leroi is a famous Hollywood star who is Harry’s idol. Leroi signs an endorsement deal with Ace, a company that sells jeans, and starts appearing in the company’s advertising. After seeing these ads, Harry shifts his loyalty from Revy Jeans to Ace. Which principle of influence has affected Harry?







2. In a case study, psychologists found that horse racing fans become more confident that their horses would win after placing a bet. Which principle of influence does this example illustrate?





social proof


3. When a business message provides the rationale for a request before making the specific request, the message is said to be







4. Which of the following is the first task of most persuasive messages?

offering a solution

providing a rationale

validating readers

overcoming objections

gaining attention


5. In a persuasive message, what is the next task after you finish stating the need?

gaining attention

offering a solution

giving a call to action

showing appreciation

providing a rationale




6. The term ______ refers to the reasons why your product, service, or idea really benefits your readers.





social proof


7. Which of the following is true of the call to action in persuasive messages?

In internal persuasive messages, the call to action is always implicit.

In external persuasive messages, the call to action is specific and implicit.

The call to action is the concluding step in persuasive messages.

In the post-trust era, the call to action should involve a hard sell.

The call to action is more likely to be explicit for controversial change ideas.


8. Haresh writes a persuasive message that employs the I-voice most of the time. As a result, the audience is likely to infer that Haresh

has their best interests at heart.

is presumptuous in assuming that they share common ideas.

is self-centered and concerned mainly about his own interests.

is impersonal and unconcerned.

has exaggerated the claims in his message.


9. You can help readers feel that your message impacts them on a personal level by combining specificity with  




impersonal voice.



10. External persuasive messages tend to

be slightly more direct than internal persuasive messages.

be slightly more explicit than internal persuasive messages.

be based on emotional appeals.

be based on logical appeals.

use the we-voice more than the I-voice.


11. In an effective external persuasive message, the appreciation statement

states something complimentary about the readers.

manipulates the emotions of the readers.

anticipates the thoughts of skeptical readers.

states what the author wants the readers to do.

states the problem in strongly negative terms.


12. Which of the following components is likely to be included in the structure of a mass sales message?

an expression of sympathy

an apology

an expression of gratitude

an attempt to generate interest

an announcement


13. In the AIDA approach, “I” stands for







14. In the AIDA approach, after gaining attention, the next step is to

build interest and curiosity.

analyze the audience.

gather information about competitors’ products.

choose influential arguments.

conclude with a specific call to action.


15. What is the main problem with using manipulation to persuade?

It is emotional.

It is indirect.

It is ineffective.

It is deductive.

It is deceptive.


16. Mark, the production manager at Flying Horses Inc., has decided to lay off a few employees due to decreasing demand for the firm's products. Which of the following will be the best way for Mark to  convey his decision?

sending an email to the employees

breaking the bad news to the employees over the phone

organizing a meeting with the employees and sending a follow-up memo

delivering the bad news to the employees over a video call

putting up a notice on the company's bulletin board


17. Which of the following is the richest communication channel for delivering bad-news messages?

a personal meeting

an email

a phone call

a video call

a memo


18Which of the following communication channels should ideally be used for a bad-news message that is characterized by high severity and high controllability?

a phone call

a personal meeting

an email

a video call

a memo


19Serena, a bank manager at the United Front Bank, heads the business loan department. She wants to communicate to all of the bank’s long-term customers that interest rates on business loans are increasing  by a full percentage point. Which of the following guidelines should Serena follow while communicating this bad news?

She should sugarcoat the bad news.

She should display intense concern and sympathy.

She should use specific and simple language.

She should avoid the use of a teaser message.

She should avoid the use of buffer statements.


20Which of the following would damage the effectiveness of a written message designed to convey bad news to colleagues or employees?

using a neutral subject line that is simple and indirect

ending the message with an expression of goodwill

starting the message with a buffer statement

avoiding discussion of the immediate impact of the bad news on recipients

using a teaser message that signals bad news but does not reveal specific information


21Which of the following helps organizations maintain credibility when delivering bad news?

giving generalized feedback

providing a clear rationale

using a specific, negative subject line

focusing on the impact to the message sender

avoiding talk of long-term solutions or benefits


22Which of the following is the best example of a company experiencing the mum effect?

Managers at Coral Motor Company believe in delivering bad-news messages to subordinates personally.

A transparent work culture at Sylphs Inc. allows employees to transfer bad-news messages to top executives in an accurate state.

In Sandman Corp., as messages move up the chain of bureaucracy, they get filtered at each level to soften bad news.

Elixir Machine Corp. provides an honest, caring environment for employees and encourages them to openly discuss their problems.

Employees of the Gray Kingdom Inc. freely exchange both good and bad news, as they are not blamed for it later.


23While delivering bad news in writing to customers, use


specific examples of their mistakes.

passive verbs.

a lot of industry-specific jargon.

a complex message style.


24Lane has to deliver his first negative performance review. He should make sure to

interpret the employee’s attitudes and intentions.

start by stating appreciation for the employee.

focus on the unacceptable actions and their results.

avoid laying out consequences for the employee.

avoid sounding too firm about the problem.


25The sandwich approach to delivering bad news

softens the bad news but encourages bad performance.

makes the message open, clear, and specific.

focuses more on attitudes and intentions than on actions and results.

is the best way to deal with poor performers.

makes the feedback and expectations specific and direct.


26In delivering negative performance reviews, a focus on the ______ of an employee is least likely to provoke defensiveness or a counterproductive response.







27Negative performance reviews that lack measurable and realistic goals are most likely to

demoralize employees.

be highly effective and fair.

increase the employees’ accountability.

provide a clear path for employees to gain positive ratings.

help employees maintain good terms with their supervisors.


28To avoid counterproductive responses to negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger, a person should

possess an above average intelligence quotient.

find a way to sugarcoat all bad news.

avoid admitting that these emotions exist.

learn to recognize and name these emotions.

display defensive behavior during negative communication.


29Which of the following statements is true of reviewing bad-news messages before delivering them?

Strong emotions may affect the tone of the message, therefore bad-news messages need intense reviewing.

When you deliver a bad-news message in person, you have more control, so it does not require reviewing.

Asking colleagues to review your bad-news message and give feedback is not a wise practice.

It is appropriate to ask other colleagues to read messages that include confidential matters.

Reviewing bad-news messages consumes time and should be avoided unless the messages are for external recipients.


30Which of the following questions will help you review bad-news message to evaluate the “access” aspect of the FAIR test?

Have I gathered all the relevant facts?

Would recipients consider my communication respectful?

What have I done to lessen the negative impacts on recipients?

Are my motives clear, or will others perceive that I have a hidden agenda?

Is my perspective of the facts influenced by defensiveness, favoritism, or some other bias?


31One advantage of open-ended questions is that they

are more objective than closed questions.

are easier for researchers to quantify and analyze than closed questions.

help researchers understand an issue in more depth than closed questions.

restrict respondents to rating scales and multiple choice.

are more frequently used in surveys than closed questions.


32Which of the following statements about online surveys is true?10_07_2015_QC_CS-27883

Online surveys are always convenient and eliminate the need for paper-and-pencil questionnaires.

Getting dozens of responses through online surveys is time-consuming.

Data from online surveys can be automatically dumped into a spreadsheet.

Online survey technology is less likely to be used in the workplace than for personal use.

Online surveys are typically conducted during secondary research.


33Which type of question is designed to gain the response that the survey designer prefers and produces unreliable and unusable information as a result?









34"A survey should have response choices that are exhaustive." This means that

only one answer choice should be appropriate.

the questions should suggest answers to the respondents.

more than one idea should be included in the question.

the survey questions and the choices should be long.

the choices should include all possible answers.


35Julie is feeling overwhelmed by the number of surveys and spreadsheets of data she has compiled. When she tries to analyze them, she keeps thinking of more questions and issues. Julie can best focus her efforts by

paying the most attention to survey responses.

asking a colleague to review the data for her.

paying the most attention to chartable data.

remembering her key research problem.

looking for the flashiest or most startling findings.


36Which of the following statements about bar charts is true?

Bar charts cannot be used to compare amounts or quantities.

Bar charts can be used to represent only a few types of data.

Bar charts are typically used to illustrate the pieces within a whole.

Bar charts are more versatile than pie charts and line charts.

Bar charts must always have their baselines set at ten.


37Catherine, an economist, wants to graphically represent the prices of small cars in the United States over a period of three years. This will best be illustrated through a(n)

bar chart.

pie chart.

line chart.

organizational chart.

clustered-column chart.


38Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting line charts?

The scale should be about two-thirds of the range included in the charts.

Series names should not be placed on the lines.

More than four data series (lines) should be included in the charts.

Unusual fonts and special effects add to the chart’s readability.

Lighter colors should be used to represent the most important data series.


39Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting bar charts?

Bars should be about one-third the width of the space in between bars.

The baseline of bar charts should be the first increment of the scale above zero.

Bars should be arranged in ascending or descending order in most cases.

A legend should be used even if the chart has only one data series.

Lighter colors should be used to represent the most important data series.


40Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting tables?

Arrange entries in ascending or descending order.

Do not distinguish between items in a category.

Avoid labeling every column and row.

Use grid lines on all borders of the tables.

Present comparative data series horizontally.


41Which of the following relates to how current and representative data is?







42Which of the following research sources is most likely to be biased by the writers' career objectives?

scholarly journals

white papers

industry publications

business periodicals

external blogs


43Business and management books are typically biased toward

theoretical significance.

writers' career objectives.

the latest, greatest idea mentality.

the mission and objectives of an organization.

the preexisting notions of the researcher.


44Experienced writers use word processing software, spreadsheets, or databases for recording information about their research sources during the research stage to increase the ______ of their research.







45Which of the following is a good practice in the context of collecting, analyzing, and presenting research data?

cherry-picking the data

downplaying information that does not support one’s position

focusing on full disclosure of data

adjusting the scale of charts to make data more dramatic

forming conclusions before beginning the research process


46Petra is an efficiency consultant. QuikPro Manufacturing has contacted her about improving its assembly line. Petra submits a document that analyzes the causes of the problem, outlines a way to address the issue, estimates the costs of the changes, and provides a timeline for the work. What has Petra submitted to QuikPro?

a business report

a spreadsheet analysis

a business proposal

a white paper

a business article


47Which of the following raises the credibility of a report?

supplying the facts with precision

avoiding the use of cause-effect statements

stressing positivity rather than objectivity

shielding the urgency of the problem

using the APA style instead of the MLA style


48Which of the following is an advantage of documenting your research sources?

It helps establish the purpose and value of the report.

It makes your report easier to navigate.

It decreases the length of your report.

It displays your thorough, detail-oriented approach.

It provides the unique context of the problem.


49Which of the following should be provided throughout a document to indicate the information you have drawn from other sources?







50To use another person’s ideas and pass them off as one’s own is known as







51To avoid plagiarism on a sentence and paragraph level, writers should

document all references to the ideas of others.

avoid using direct quotations from other sources.

alter the original words but keep the sentence structure.

avoid using summaries and paraphrases if possible.

use only one or two sources for a report.

52You should use direct quotations when

the quotation emphasizes the credibility of the original speaker or writer.

you want to decrease the length of your report.

the quotations come from primary research.

you want to express the idea of another speaker in your own words.

you want to avoid documenting references to others’ ideas.


53The best way to avoid plagiarism on a documentwide level is by

changing the words of the original speaker to alter the meaning.

using direct quotations or verbatim restatements from another source.

significantly altering the original words and sentence structure.

supplying your own original ideas, conclusions, and recommendations.

combining information from one or two sources.


54Which of the following statements about paraphrasing is true?

You should use the APA documentation style when you paraphrase.

Paraphrasing significantly alters the original words and sentence structure.

Paraphrasing helps you document references to others’ ideas.

You should paraphrase only when the original quotation contains a particularly compelling combination of words.

If you paraphrase an idea effectively, then you need not give credit to the original speaker or writer for the idea.


55Your report is essentially plagiarized if

your report is more than 50 pages long.

you combine information from more than 10 sources in insightful ways.

the majority of ideas in your report are based on just one or two sources.

the report focuses on positivity rather than objectivity.

you supply your own ideas, conclusions, and recommendations in a report


56The purpose of an executive summary is to

combine information from various sources in novel and insightful ways that do not require citation.

provide a memo of transmittal.

raise the credibility of your report by carefully providing cause-effect statements.

represent briefly the most important elements of your report, including key findings and conclusions.

provide a reference list of all your sources at the end of the report.






57The primary purpose of including tables and charts in a business report is to

raise the credibility of your report by highlighting cause-effect statements.

summarize the most important elements of the report, including key findings and conclusions.

place a clear problem statement at the beginning of the report so that it is not deemed inconsequential.

support the story line that you have established for your report.

create a mental map of your key takeaway messages.


58Which of the following statements about cover pages is true?

Decision makers will not take cover pages with a glossy finish seriously.

A cover page should be included for each section of the report.

Cover pages should be used to summarize the most important contents of a report.

A cover page should mention the information sources used in the report.

A cover page is generally the most emphasized aspect of the document design.


59Which of the following is a likely effect of providing a well-designed table of contents?

It allows decision makers to judge the quality of your data.

It helps you focus more on positivity rather than objectivity.

It helps you demonstrate that your facts are unbiased and precise.

It creates the impression that you are organized.

It helps establish the purpose and value of the report.


60Which statement is a helpful guideline to use in creating business reports?

Business reports should state the central business problem at the end of the report.

A business report should not combine ideas from more than two sources of information.

A well-designed table of contents demonstrates the quality of the data used in the report.

Cover pages should be used to summarize the most important elements of a report.

Business reports should project objectivity first and positivity second.


61In the AIM content planning process, how do you develop your ideas?

by making sure that you are addressing the audience’s needs

by speaking to the audience in the way that is most appealing

by identifying key facts and conclusions related to your topic

by speaking to the audience in a way that is easy to listen to

by focusing on key takeaway concepts and providing supporting points


62Which of the following is true of visual learners?

They like presentations given in loud, clear voices.

They learn well from illustrations and simple diagrams.

They believe emotion is best conveyed through voice.

They need group activities or hands-on activities.

They make up the smallest portion of the population.



63Which of the following is true of kinesthetic learners?

They like presentations given in loud, clear voices.

They enjoy gestures and metaphors.

They believe emotion is best conveyed through voice.

They need group activities or hands-on activities.

They respond well to PowerPoint slides rich in figures.


64As with written reports, successful presentations rely on

the extensive use of I-voice for authority.

the elimination of white space.

well-developed takeaway messages.

keeping the primary message until the end.

using an indirect message structure.


65Most audience members expect your presentation to include

an elaborate explanation on every slide.

an executive summary and an appendix.

complex charts and diagrams.

a preview, view, and review.

a cover page and a reference list.


66The positioning statement in a presentation should be

explained with complex visuals.

as concise as possible.

positioned at the end.

followed by an attention-getter.

extremely humorous.


67Which of the following is the function of a review in a presentation?

gaining buy-in on specific actions

justifying your views

providing an overview statement

capturing the interest of the audience

appealing to the learning-style of the audience


68Which of the following guidelines should be kept in mind while designing an electronic slide presentation?

Use complex charts and diagrams.

Create a storyboard with your slide titles.

Make your slides the focal point of your presentation.

Use low-contrast backgrounds and colors.

Use a variety of fonts to create interest.



69Which of the following helps the audience grasp the content of your presentation within 10 to 15 seconds?

using low-contrast backgrounds and colors

limiting the amount of information on any given slide

making sure not to leave much white space on the slides

avoiding personal interaction with the audience

using compelling images as much as possible


70Which of the following makes presentation slides appear uncluttered?

plenty of white space

low-contrast backgrounds and colors

complex charts and diagrams

smaller font sizes

frequent use of compelling images


71Which of the following statements about delivering presentations with confidence is true?

Feeling some nerves before a presentation is usually a bad sign.

Rehearsing too much for presentations will confuse you.

Focusing on people during presentations will cause you to lose your train of thought.

Experiencing some nervousness can heighten your ability to deliver forcefully.

Using notes during a presentation is considered a sign of weakness.


72Which of the following will help you manage your nervousness before your presentation?

resisting the urge to envision yourself presenting

watching what foods and beverages you consume

avoiding talking to the audience before starting your presentation

focusing on people in the audience with skeptical expression

arriving for your presentation at the last minute


73Which of the following will help you maintain a flexible approach during your presentation?

leaning on or gripping the podium for support

telling your audience about things that have not gone as expected

arriving early to deal with surprises regarding equipment, room layout, or attendance

being occupied with your own agenda rather than focusing on the audience’s needs

sticking to the original plan even when you encounter problems


74Which of the following presenters is using the room to advantage?

Smith positions himself where people can see him easily.

Barbara leans on the podium while presenting.

Jayden places himself in a corner of the room to avoid eye contact with his audience.

Allen grips the podium while presenting.

Anita makes sure she is facing the screen while presenting.



75In which of the following scenarios is the speaker acting advantageously?

Luis sits casually on a table while presenting.

Nelson stands close to the audience to establish eye contact with them.

Carter stares at his notes to deal with his nervousness.

Shaniqua grips the podium while she speaks to the audience.

Nicole paces around the room while presenting.


76Which of the following types of attire should generally be avoided in business-related settings?

a tailored business suit

a blazer and slacks

jeans and a polo shirt

a dress shirt and pants

khakis and a button-down shirt


77In the context of workplace attire, which of the following styles requires men to wear neckties?

formal business dress

high-level business casual dress

casual dress

low-level business casual dress

mid-level business casual dress


78Kimberly has to deliver a presentation at a formal business meeting. Which of the following outfits will help Kimberly project authority and competence?

a dress shirt with chinos

a dress shirt, tailored pants, and conservative footwear

a high-level business casual dress

a tailored business suit with a skirt and leather shoes

a dress shirt with dress pants and high heels


79During presentations, how can you be an audience member who shows support for the presenter?

Check text messages, but do not accept phone calls.

Ask questions that pertain to the speaker’s topic.

Publicly advise the speaker on how to improve the presentation.

Lean back in your chair to show how relaxed you are.

Avoid eye contact to keep from distracting the speaker.


80The primary challenge for a team presentation is to make sure that it is








81One of the best ways to understand the needs of a potential employer is to

go to job fairs on campus.

analyze the job position announcement.

network with friends and relatives.

take time to analyze your interests and qualifications.

represent your employment and education accurately.


82Which of the following sections of a résumé are hiring managers beginning to view as optional?

work experience

objective statement


internship experience

contact information


83How should you position your contributions in a résumé?

Most important contributions should be scattered throughout.

Quantifiable accomplishments should be positioned at the bottom.

Most important contributions should be positioned first.

Least important contributions should be positioned first.

Information about your personal strengths should be positioned at the bottom


84In his résumé, Mac lists the attributes “a proven track record of success” and “gives 110%.” The use of such clichés will most likely

make Mac seem desperate for a job.

give the impression that Mac has inflated beliefs about his abilities.

communicate only specific accomplishments and not overall traits.

seem offensive and vulgar to any potential employer.

communicate that Mac lacks self-confidence.


85Functional résumés present the information in terms of

educational degrees.

key skills.

work and education over time.

life experience.

personal references.


86Chronological résumés present the information in terms of

educational degrees.

key skills.

work and education over time.

life experience.

personal references.



87Which of the following should you avoid while constructing your list of references?

developing relationships with potential references over time

including professors with whom you took a significant number of classes related to your field

preparing a consistently formatted reference list consisting of just three to five individuals

including current supervisors who are not happy that you are leaving your current position

contacting your references ahead of time


88Which of the following should an applicant include in a cover letter when applying for a job?

the position being applied for

clichés describing previous job performance

areas that could use improvement

hobbies and recreational activities

personal details such as age and marital status


89What does “T” stand for in the STAR method of telling success stories?







90During job interviews, telling stories about your ______ can create a positive connection between you and your potential employers.

negative experiences with a previous employer

successes in the past

setbacks in your professional life

personal likes and dislikes

high school education


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