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Question 31 D


Question 31

D. Stone Surveying Co completed these transactions during April of the current year:

Apr 1

Began a surveying company by investing $10,000 in cash and

office equipment having a $4575 fair value.

Apr 2

Purchased on credit office supplies, $450, and office equipment, $300.

Apr 3

Completed surveying work for client and was paid immediately $500

Apr 8

Apr. 10

Completed surveying work for Acme Loan Co $1500 on credit

Paid for the items purchased on credit on April 2.

Apr. 14

Paid $2400 premium for the annual insurance policy.

Apr. 15

Paid semi monthly wages of $1500

Apr. 18

Received payment in full from Acme Loan Co. for the work

completed on April 8.

Apr. 27

D. Stone withdrew $1100 cash from the business to pay

personal expenses.

Apr. 30

Paid the April telephone bill, $160.


Prepare general journal entries to record the transactions. 


Include the following in each journal entry:


Account Title and Explanation________



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