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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Intoxication is only considered an abnormal behavior when 2

1) Intoxication is only considered an abnormal behavior when 2


1) Intoxication is only considered an abnormal behavior when

2. The cluster of personality disorders includes antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic, is referred to as

3. Personality disorders occur in about what percent of general population, the estimates are much higher among psychiatric patients

4. Marital problems that emerge because of the male partners lack of intimacy may be cause for assigning this diagnosis

5. A primary distinction between neurotic and psychotic disorders is

6. A person who comes home after a long week at work, drinks two or 3 margaritas, and falls asleep, ----------- a mental disorder.

7. Some people may be intoxicated for short periods; others go on BINGES and remain intoxicated for lengthy periods

8. Maladaptive behavioral changes when a person stops using a drug is

9. Most career persons with alcoholism find that when they try to quit drinking entirely, they experience

10. Of the 5 basic personality traits given in your text, which one would seem to be potentially the most problematic?

11. Personality disorders involve stable, long standing, and ------ traits

12. Racial and ethnic differences ---------- prominent factors in personality disorders.

13. Sexual behavior is comprised of emotions, cognitions, and-------------- .

14. Sexual dysfunctions that begin after a time when a person has had no problem in sexual relations is known as------.

15. Sexual dysfunctions that involve problems with arousal during sexual relations particularly in women are known as

16. Lack of emotion, even in situations that call for great joy or sadness, is referred to as

17. If an individual’s mood does not match the context of a given situations he is in, he is considered to have

18. The most well-known of the psychoses is

19. Symptoms of schizophrenia that represent excessive or overt symptoms are referred to as

20. Delusia delusion is an involve a misperception of life experiences

21. People with problems understanding the basic aspects of life are often diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder known as

22. As we enter our 30s and 40s, slightly greater problems start to occur with respect to

23. Medical doctors who can prescribe medication for people with mental disorders are

24. An RN who has received specialized training in addressing people with severe mental disorders like schizophrenia is referred to as a

25. Cognitive changes may relate to alterations in the brain areas that are most responsible for memory, particularly the

26. Cognitive changes that are chronic, often irreversible, and progressive refers to

27. Various kinds of clinical, counseling, educational, and school ----------- assess people with mental disorders


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