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Homework answers / question archive /   1)If service is going to be delayed or take longer than planned, ____

  1)If service is going to be delayed or take longer than planned, ____



1)If service is going to be delayed or take longer than planned, ____.

  • Question 2



Which of the following is true of gender communication?

  • Question 3



In most Western cultures, the typical period of time that is comfortable for holding eye contact is _____ seconds.

  • Question 4



Nonverbal communication cues that send powerful messages through gestures, vocal qualities, manner of dress and grooming are known as ____.

  • Question 5



Holding hands near or over the mouth may present problems for those who ____.

  • Question 6



Nonverbal messages ____.

  • Question 7



_____ refers to the factors used to send messages that impact a customer's perception or feelings about a service provider of organization.

  • Question 8



The process of clarifying a nonverbal cue that was received by stating what behavior was observed, giving one or two possible interpretations, and then asking the message sender for clarification is called ____.

  • Question 9



Which of the following is likely to damage the customer-provider relationship?

  • Question 10



Which of the following is an example of a negative nonverbal behavior?

  • Question 11



Acceptable rules, manners, and ceremonies for an organization, profession, or society are known as ____.

  • Question 12



_____ refers to the manner or clarity in which verbal messages are delivered.

  • Question 13



In a board meeting, the chairman says "John is the pineapple of hard work". He obviously meant the word pinnacle and not pineapple. This is an example of ____.

  • Question 14



Which of the following is an example of negative nonverbal behavior?

  • Question 15



As a service provider, one way to be nice to customers when they approach is to:

  • Question 16



If a service provider is to understand and serve people who might be different, they must first become aware ____.

  • Question 17



How someone views an item, situation or others is called ____.

  • Question 18



_____ means deliberate discrimination against a person based on his or her age, race, sex, ethnicity, or ability level.

  • Question 19



If a rational style customer has intermittent eye contact, a strategy you may use is to:

  • Question 20



For someone who has a rational style and keeps communication brief, your strategy will be to:

  • Question 21



The system of identifying issues, determining alternatives for dealing with them, then selecting and monitoring a strategy for resolution is known as:

  • Question 22



The way a person acts or reacts under certain circumstances is known as ____.

  • Question 23



Continually evaluating products and services to ensure that maximum effectiveness, efficiency and potential are being obtained from them is called:

  • Question 24



If someone is not time-conscious and may be late for appointments often, they are exhibiting a(n) _____ style.

  • Question 25



_____ style is one of the behavioral groups characterized by being introverted and task focused.

  • Question 26



If you display a confident, possibly arrogant demeanor, you are most likely exhibiting a(n) _____ style.

  • Question 27



Jung explored human behavior and divided it into functions. One of them is ____.

  • Question 28



Observable tendencies or descriptive terms that identify categories of human behavior are known as ____.

  • Question 29



People whose preferences are the inquisitive style:

  • Question 30



One of the four behavior groups characterized as people-oriented, fun-loving, upbeat and extroverted is the _____ style.

  • Question 31



If a decisive pattern customer directly places blame on you, the service provider, a strategy you may use is to:

  • Question 32



A nonverbal cue of someone who is expressive is a(n):

  • Question 33



In customer service, relationships with customers are built on _____ the characteristics of others.

  • Question 34



_____ is the primary skill most people have for gathering information.

  • Question 35



_____ requires putting yourself in the customer's place and trying to relate to the customer's needs, wants, and concerns.

  • Question 36



Because of past experiences with other customers, you may be tempted to:

  • Question 37



The brain can comprehend messages delivered at:

  • Question 38



Telling a customer, You really don't want that color, do you, Mrs. Brown? is a:

  • Question 39



_____ is the primary means that many customer service professionals use to determine the needs of their customers.

  • Question 40



Mental factors that can cause a shift in focus in interacting with others are known as ____.

  • Question 41



_____ is especially important when a language barrier or speech disability is part of a customer's situation.

  • Question 42



Which of the following statements is true of listening?

  • Question 43



Recognition is:

  • Question 44



Many companies offer programs to help employees deal with personal and performance issues. These programs are often called ____.

  • Question 45



_____ is the phase of the listening process in which a listener focuses on a specific sound or message being received from the environment.

  • Question 46



In which of the following situations will you feel the need to refocus?

  • Question 47



_____ refers to sending back verbal and nonverbal messages to a message originator.

  • Question 48



An effective listener should be _____.

  • Question 49



The situation of a listener being bombarded with data from many sources is often called ____.

  • Question 50



Which of the following is an example of an external obstacle to listening?



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