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(Click the icon to view Present Value of $1 table


(Click the icon to view Present Value of $1 table.) - (Click the icon to view Present Value of Ordinary Annuity of $1 table.) Consider how Hunter Valley Snow Park Lodge could use capital budgeting to decide whether the $11,000,000 Snow Park Lodge expansion would be a good investment. Assume Hunter Valley's managers developed the following estimates concerning the expansion: (Click the icon to view the estimates.) (Click the icon to view additional information.) What is the project's NPV (round to nearest dollar)? Is the investment attractive? Why or why not? Calculate the net present value of the expansion. (Enter the factor to three decimal places, X.XXX. Round your calculations to the nearest whole dollar.) Net Cash PV Factor Present Annuity PV Factor (i=10%, n=7) Years Inflow (i=10%, n=7) Value 1 - 7 Present value of annuity 0 Initial investment Net present value of expansion ? Data Table 121 skiers 142 days 7 years Number of additional skiers per day Average number of days per year that weather conditions allow skiing at Hunter Valley Useful life of expansion (in years) Average cash spent by each skier per day Average variable cost of serving each skier per day Cost of expansion Discount rate 241 83 11,000,000 10% Print Done

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