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Homework answers / question archive / 1) What helps to encourage fundamental change in the fabric of a particular society? 2

1) What helps to encourage fundamental change in the fabric of a particular society? 2


1) What helps to encourage fundamental change in the fabric of a particular society?

2. If I was to get people in this town together to protest the lack of political representation this would be called what?

3. “Socialization agencies such as schools help teach children how to get along with others and prepare them for adult economic roles.” Who said this?

4, Intergenerational mobility describes a difference in social class that is between different members of the same generation.

5. Allowing a student to move to the next grade regardless of whether or not they have met the requirements for that grade is called

6. Formal education describes the learning of academic facts and concepts through a formal curriculum.

7. Learning about cultural values, norms, and expected behaviors by participating in a society best describes. Informal.

8. Sociologists describe a cult similarity to a sect except that a cult is an ancient religious grouping of people.

9.In first grade, Scott is unfairly singled out by his teacher for bad behavior, partly because his older brothers had behavioral problems themselves. Throughout grade school, Scott gains a reputation as a "problem" child. Scott eventually drops out of school, thinking he was born to fail anyway. Which school of thought best fits Scott's experience?

10.The definition of an alternative movement is: movements that limit themselves to self-improvement changes in individuals.

11.Collective Behavior is: an institutionalized activity in which several people voluntarily engage.

12.Which best describes the processes that increases the amount of specialization and differentiation of structure in societies resulting in the move from an undeveloped society to developed, terminology driven

society (Irwin 1975)?

13.In the Megan Meirr story, the father of the girl who was friends with Megan created the fictitious person called Josh.

14.Ogburn uses the term culture lag, which has relevance to the phenomena of cyber bullying today.

15.When does structural conduciveness occur?

16. What helps mobilization for action?

17.What is the only thing that can end the collective behavior episode?

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