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Homework answers / question archive / Quest #8  Q1) Society and culture ______

Quest #8  Q1) Society and culture ______


Quest #8

 Q1) Society and culture ______.

  1. Could not exist without each other
  2. Could not exit together
  3. Are the same thing
  4. Are unrelated


Q2: George Herbert Mead’s specific path of development for individuals is as follows:

  1. Game stage, play stage, generalized other stage, preparatory stage
  2. Preparatory stage, game stage, play stage, generalized other stage
  3. Preparatory stage, play stage, game stage, generalized other stage
  4. Generalized other stage, preparatory stage, play stage, game stage  


Q3: Ally’s father was sent to prison when she was 12 for the trafficking of narcotics; her brother was arrested when she was 13 for possession of methamphetamines By the age of 18, Ally has been arrested three times for possession of marijuana. Which theory best describes Ally’s experience?

  1. Strain theory
  2. Differential association theory
  3. Labeling theory
  4. Opaque theory


Q4: The anti-drug campaign in the 1980’a encouraged students to “just say no” to put an end to drug use and drug violence. Which type of framing did this campaign use?

  1. Referential
  2. Prognostic
  3. Diagnostic
  4. Motivational


Q5: An airplane has crashed on a deserted island off the coast of Fiji. The survivors are forced to learn new behaviors in order to adapt to the situation and each other. This is an example of which theory?

  1. Immersed socialization
  2. Abrams
  3. Emergent norm 
  4. Assembling


Q6: Neil Smelser’s theory of crowd behavior is referred to as _______ theory:

  1. Emergent Groups
  2. Flagrant
  3. Group Maximal
  4. Value Added


Q7: According to the Dunchaster facebook keeps people accountable for their actions since posters are not anonymous.

  1. True
  2. False


Q8: Gender Dysphoria is:

  1. A form of sexual dysfunction and paraphilia 
  2. A condition where transgender people choose to alter their bodies
  3. A condition of people whose gender at birth is contrary to the one they identify with
  4. A form of homophobia


Q9: The spread of North American industrial/process foods around the globe has been greatly aided by?

  1. WW2 US surplus and Aid to Europe
  2. Global Advertising
  3. Advent of cheap international shipping
  4. All answers above are correct


Q10: Nutrient Capital is best described as?

  1. Willingness to swap food for economic gain
  2. Knowledge of the stock market and food prices
  3. Knowledge of the importance of high nutrient dense foods
  4. None of the above answers is correct


Q11: Chase grew up wanting to wear his sister’s dresses over his brother’s pants and button up shirts. When Chase turns 18, he decides to begin living as a woman, though he’s still only sexually attracted to women. He decides he doesn’t want to undergo surgery. Chase is:  a. Bisexual

  1. Homophobic
  2. Transexual
  3. Transgender 


Q12: When thinking about gender, Jeff sees men as the dominant social group and women the subordinate group. This exploitation of the subordinate group has created social problems, such as high rates of poverty among single mothers. Which sociological perspective best fit Jeff’s views?

  1. Cyberfeminism
  2. Structural Functionalism
  3. Symbolic Interactionism
  4. Conflict Theory


Q13: According to the social construction of race school of thought, race is:

  1. No longer in existence
  2. Based only on geographic regions
  3. Not biologically identifiable 
  4. A product of media


Q14: Max believes that most people’s racial beliefs are based on images conveyed in popular media since many people never meet members of certain races for themselves. Max’s perspective is:

  1. Symbolic interactionist
  2. Functionalist
  3. Conflict theorist
  4. Feminist


Q15: Which group within the United States has been stereotyped as the model minority?

  1. The Hispanic American community
  2. The African American community
  3. The Arab American community
  4. The Asian American community


Q16: The term sexuality is defined by the text as:

  1. An individual’s biological gender
  2. The repressed sexual inclinations of society as a whole
  3. An individual’s sense of being either masculine or feminine
  4. A person’s capacity for sexual feelings


Q17: In 1973, the American Psychological Association (APA) declassified homosexuality as an abnormal or deviant disorder. Which sociological perspective would be most interested in the statement the (APA) made to society?

  1. Symbolic Interactionism
  2. Cyberfeminism
  3. Exchange Theory
  4. Structural Functionalism


Q18: Jenny is given a doll for 2nd birthday, while her brother, Tyrone, is given a fire truck. This is an example of gender _________?

  1. Stratification 
  2. Indifference
  3. Socialization
  4. Bending


Q19: Who first coined the notion of the sociological imagination?

  1. Compt
  2. Olson
  3. Durkheim
  4. Marx
  5. Mills


Q20: I can say that I am a superior race because genetically I am different. (On a macro level) This is the same between asians, whites, hispanics and blacks on planet earth; they are different races.

  1. Yes
  2. No


Q21: I am frequently angry. Your type is always screwing up the world for the rest of us. I suppose you think you could explain why I am angry at your race all the time.

  1. Displaced ethno-aggression theory
  2. Cognitive-disrupted adjustment theory
  3. Twizzlers are better than red vines theory
  4. Scapegoat theory


Q22: It is a fact that you are all takers and not makers in Sociopia. What do you say to this? a. That is discrimination 

  1. You need an ice cold beer buddy
  2. That is a stereotype 
  3. That is prejudice


Q23: One of you is decently smart and talented. Your skin tone is closer to the ultimate purple. I suppose you would say the most accurate definition of this is:

  1. Prejudice
  2. Racists
  3. Colorism
  4. Ethnocertrist


Q24: You do not belong in my land- you belong in an area where people look like you- but I suppose you would say that this is:

  1. Racial Gerrymandering
  2. Racial Steering
  3. Racial Ignorance
  4. Racial Profiling


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