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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic heideggers thought of authenticity

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic heideggers thought of authenticity


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic heideggers thought of authenticity. Thinking further than responsibilities and habits put the people face to face with their personal thoughts of infinity, with oblivion, with the possibility of non-existence.

“Authentic means ‘my own’”. consequently, the authentic personality is the identity that is ‘one’s own’ - having a life that is owned by one’s self. While the inauthentic personality is the dropped identity, the identity lost to the ‘they’. Therefore, one might identify the authentic personality the ‘personal’, and the inauthentic personality the ‘others’, the second phrase as well highlights the point that dropped is a form of the one’s own personality, and not of someone else’s. For instance, when people view a work of art, they inquire whether this specific piece is authentic, or if it is a just a replica of the actual one. Therefore, authenticity is usually used to indicate ‘the actual thing. Consequently, while trying to apply the term authenticity to humans, one thinks that the authentic individual is the one who is original/unique, or is leading a ‘genuine’, ‘non-superficial’ life. Nonetheless, this perception of authenticity might not totally fit with Heidegger’s idea. Heidegger states that the single method to attain authenticity is to live a life in search of possibility and that one can follow this via resoluteness.

In addition, as a form of one’s own personality, dropped identity is not an unplanned aspect of Da-sein, but instead component of Da-seins existential formation - It is an element of care, which is the ‘Being of Da-sein’. Hence, in the particular sense that dropped identity is a crucial factor of one’s existence. people are eventually responsible for their individual in-authenticity.&nbsp.

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