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Homework answers / question archive / On December 31, 2020, Novak Company had $1

On December 31, 2020, Novak Company had $1


On December 31, 2020, Novak Company had $1.103,000 of short-term debt In the form of notes payable due February 2, 2021. On January 21, 2021, the company issued 24,800 shares of its common stock for $33 per share, receiving $818,400 proceeds after brokerage fees and other costs of Issuance. On February 2, 2021, the proceeds from the stock sale, supplemented by an additional $284,600 cash, are used to liquidate the $1,103,000 debt. The December 31, 2020, balance sheet is issued on February 23, 2021 
Show how the $1,103.000 of short-term debt should be presented on the December 31, 2020, balance sheet. (Enter account name only and do not provide descriptive information.) 
Novak Company Partial Balance Sheet 

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